Windsurfing: Ride on a Windsurf

Windsurfing combines surfing and sailing. You ride a board, as in surfing, but propulsion is by wind, as in sailing. Windsurfing is the use of a windsurf.

With a windsurf’s instructor, you can learn basic windsurfing in no time. Children can start at age 5. As you gain experience, we can help you transition from sailing to planing. The difference is feeling like you are in a sailboat versus feeling like you are in a low-level airplane.

The use of a board allows for acrobatic maneuvers while windsurfing. Advanced windsurfers can do carve gybing, jumping, and water starting. They can also ride waves like surfers do.

Windsurfing is an Olympic Sport. Thus, you can windsurf either for recreation or for competition. In total, there are 11 disciplines. You can enjoy windsurfing well into old age, as injuries from crashes tend to be less severe.

If you enjoy windsurfing, ou instructor can introduce you to kitesurfing. The main difference is that propulsion uses a kite in the air instead of a sail on the board.