1000 Earthquakes

1000th Earthquake 2016 in the Philippines

The 1000th Earthquake happened final evening at 09:05 PM around Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro. The first 4 months of 2016 we recorded a lot more earthquakes per day than in the precedent 2 years – 7.2 quakes!

1000th EarthquakeResources: Silent-Gardens/Phivolcs

The Earthquake #1000 of 2016 has been instead weak with a Magnitude of 2.6. Its Focus laid 17 km less than the earth’s surface area. No intensity reviews have attained Phivolcs, but people dwelling in the vicinity may well have felt it at intensity I or possibly II on the PEIS scale.

This earthquake is common for the Philippines. Considering the fact that January 1, 2016, 90% of the recorded earthquakes had been of lower depth and produced no damages. They are marked as inexperienced dots in the map underneath. 10% of the earthquakes were of medium depth. These earthquakes can harm infrastructure and properties when their focuses are around the surface. The regular depth of 2016 Earthquakes is at the moment at 30 kilometres.

Earthquakes 2016 HotspotsSources: Silent-Gardens
The above map demonstrates the 3 recent hotspots (from north to south):

  • The Lubang Fault Program in the triangle Lubang – Mindoro – Batangas
  • The Philippine Trench east of Surigao
  • The Philippine Trench south of Governor Generos

There ended up also 2 potent earthquakes already. The to start with a person happened on January 12 about 313km south of Sarangani. This earthquake had no affect on the Philippines. The second sturdy earthquake shook the Zamboanga peninsula on April 14. Damages were noted from Zamboanga City, Baliguian, and Siocon. 3 folks acquired damage.

2016 strong EarthquakesSources: Silent-Gardens

Earthquake Forecast

Really don’t ask for the unattainable! Up to now nobody can predict the place, when and at what intensity earthquakes will materialize. Geological exploration as accomplished by Phivolcs can come across underground constructions that are earthquake-susceptible, for instance trenches and faults. Statistical techniques, as we at Silent Gardens use, can show how significant the likelihood for a quake is in a certain place – not more.

Many men and women say that Panay is the safest island in the Philippines. There are no volcanoes and only several earthquakes occur there. But back in 1948 a devastating earthquake with concentrate in Anini-y, Antique, was the second biggest on file in the nation as it induced common problems in Panay and close by islands. Stats clearly show traits but by no means hit the jackpot!

An additional fantastic base is geological/historical understanding. When you look at Bohol, you believe of the renowned chocolate hills. They were fashioned million years ago on the sea flooring, quite a few hundred meters under the area. Right now they are 300 to 400 meters above sea amount. The upward pattern of Bohol is even now energetic and provokes quakes. Most of these quakes are weak to medium. But on October 15, 2013 a Magnitude 7.2 quake wrecked quite a few structures and roads and virtually all historical churches.

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