147 Megawatt (only) !

147 Megawatt (only) !

 Today Mindanao is missing only 147 Megawatt of electrical Energy.

National Grid Corporation of the Philippines National Grid Corporation of the Philippines

If words could be remodeled in to electrical power – the Philippines would be the most significant exporter in the environment.

GMA News stories: Malacañang on Thursday defended itself against criticism that it has completed very little to tackle the electricity difficulty in Mindanao … The Palace formal mentioned the DOE is on major of the situation but mentioned the power shortage is “a systemic challenge that demands a systemic solution to be presented by all of the stakeholders.”

[Editor’s comment:] I’d relatively say that the challenge is epidemic! Epidemic which means: affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately huge range of individuals within just a inhabitants. In the circumstance of Mindanao this signifies about 20 million people.

The Inquirer writes: Mindanao’s ability woes will not be more than at any time quickly as total electricity potential in the island will appear into procedure only in 2015 and 2016 … The new ability tasks include things like the 200 MW coal-fired plant of the Alsons’ Group and the 300 MW Aboitiz owned coal-fired plant, which will both equally arrive on-line by 2015.  Another 400 MW coal-fired plant owned by Filinvest will develop into operational in 2016.  With 500 MW in 2015 and 400 MW in 2016, there will be an added 900 MW to address the existing power provide necessity, which is around 1,200 MW.

[Editor’s comment:] I study 3 times coal-fired! Do they have a mind amongst their ears? Coal-fired signifies: Mining, Transportation, Smoke and Fuel! Or in one particular other term: Pollution. 

Why not solar?

A usual Pinoy relatives residing in the countryside requires about 22 kWh for each month or 730 Wh for each day. In the course of a usually sunny working day with 1/8 of cloud deal with a 100 Watt photo voltaic panel can create about 1000 W. Supposed that the family needs electric power from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., they have ample electrical power for gentle and even looking at Television set.

The unique costs of these an installation are about PHP 16,000. If the federal government imports or even domestically provides photo voltaic panels and batteries, then these expenses can go down to about 10 to 12 thousand pesos.

And there is no significant investment in centralized energy-vegetation, no transmission lines, no administration overhead. There is just sunshine and ability. About 2/3 (two thirds) of today’s electrical power bills go to transmission, technique reduction and some 20 other extravagant increase-ons.

The response to the first problem is straightforward: Alsons, Aboitiz, Filinvest and many others do not want to give up their monopoly. 

This write-up experienced been created on a laptop linked to a solar panel and transmitted by a pocket WiFi also driven by the same solar panel.

Solar Panel

This installation creates enough ability for 24 people – a whole bario.

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