Rodrigo Duterte

16th President of the Philippines

16th President of the Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte, will currently consider above the leadership of the Republic of the Philippines. Hope and concern accompany this adjust. What is to be predicted?

I commence with two remarks: The title photo is from “The Inquirer“. I selected it, since it shows all the sides of hoe and worry that come with Duterte.  Next: Silent Gardens does not comment politics. So I just set the political plan in a list, but no reviews.

Rodrigo Duterte

Click on higher than photograph to enlarge. All the jobs of the new president are represented as symbols.

Rodrigo Duterte is 71 several years old. In the course of 22 several years or 7 terms he experienced served as mayor of Davao City.  He has also served as vice-mayor and as congressman for the city.

Rodrigo Duterte’s massive bucket list

Political reorganization

  • Decentralize sections of government
  • Make 4 or 5 “confederated states” with regional autonomy

Criminal offense, corruption, and prescription drugs

Suppress crime, distribute of medication, corruption inside of 3 to 6 months

  • Improve police salaries to P75,000 to P100,000 inside 3 years
  • Elevate criminal offense and medications to the degree of a national stability menace
  • Modernize crime-combating strategies, like putting CCTVs in main thoroughfares
  • Deliver back the loss of life penalty for drug trafficking, kidnapping, rape, robbery, homicide
  • Go the Flexibility of Data Act
  • Elevate Financial institution Secrecy Law for public officials and go Anti-Dummy Legislation
  • Observe front-line authorities offices applying true-time movie and audio surveillance
  • Deliver back again special felony courts to speed up resolution of severe crime circumstances

Economic producement

Unfold financial expansion during the state and decongest Metro Manila

  • Get in touch with a constitutional convention, within initially year of phrase, to examine the shift to a federal sort of federal government
  • Limit necessities for organization permits to 5 signatures and impose a 30 to 60-day processing time
  • Manage Conditional Funds Transfer program but with a livelihood element that will give financial loans to the very poor for little and medium enterprises
  • Build tourism, agricultural, and industrial hubs in the countryside to generate careers
  • Introduce P1 billion “small money fund” for every area outside Metro Manila where farmers and other very poor employees can borrow from to put up corporations

Agriculture and fisheries

  • Provide free irrigation and backed fertilizer and seeds for farmers
  • Cut down the price of food stuff by finding rid of unscrupulous middlemen and loan sharks
  • Make food items terminals in the countryside with chilly storage services
  • Build Mindanao Railway process

OFWs and other personnel

  • No earnings tax for employees earning P20,000 and below
  • Stage out contractualization


  • Double salaries of teachers by the end of their expression
  • Make suitable lecture rooms, double classroom shifts

Overall health

  • Have to have all hospitals to have a facility for extremely bad people with authorities having to pay for the health companies utilizing PhilHealth reserve funds, sin tax revenues, and Division of Health and fitness funds
  • Make specialised hospitals (heart, lung, kidney) in Visayas and Mindanao

Disasters and climate improve

  • Produce a solitary, long-lasting Unexpected emergency Reaction Division in demand of disaster preparedness, aid, and rehabilitation

Metro Manila transportation

  • Add much more carriages to teach strains
  • Establish rapid educate linking airports and seaports to Metro Manila
  • Build Clark Airport and Batangas seaport to ease targeted traffic congestion

This listing is extremely extensive and extremely bold. In a smaller and compact nation This “six a long time program” looks to be possible. But in these a large country composed of 7107 islands the obstacle is actually an overhelming act of defiance. Above checklist exhibits no unique precedence apart from the second place on crime, corruption and drugs. On June 30, 2019, at Duterte’s mid-phrase, I’ll critique this list.

Good luck Mr. President – superior luck Philippines!



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