A lesson of cooperation in Camiguin

A lesson of cooperation in Camiguin

A lesson of cooperation is taught in Camiguin. Two restaurants with two distinctive homeowners cooperate as an alternative of competing. That could be a superior lesson for neighborhood enterprise homeowners.

It is seriously amusing to see how Little Bridges and Casa Roca fulfill in the center – in Mambajao. Each restaurants are about 6.5 kilometers away from the center, one to the east and one particular to west. The two dining places have a lot of factors in popular and continue to are so different. Casa Roca had been opened in 2011 by Jim and Evelyn Hann. One year afterwards Barry Niccolls and Meloni Dalana set an additional culinary accent by opening Very little Bridges. (Examine also below)


Jim and Barry are Canadians, Evelyn and Meloni are Filipinas. Jim arrives from the considerably north-east of Canada and Barry arrives from the west coast. Evelyn and Meloni come the two from the severe south of the Philippines. In the two restaurants the women of all ages are the artistic chefs in the kitchen area and the guys are the cellar specialist.


Casa Roca is situated on a cliff earlier mentioned the sea with a good check out in excess of to Bohol. The sunsets are legendary. Minimal Bridges lays secluded in the foothills of Mount Mambajao. The h2o flowing beneath the cafe generates the enjoyable ambiance.
Equally cuisines are motivated by Thai and European tastes. With their very loaded pizzas, Minor Bridges goes also a bit toward North The united states. Meloni even kicks in some strategies from Hawaii. Evelyn generally provides a little bit of French contact to her plates and sidesteps to Italy with her scrumptious lasagna. In both of those dining establishments you may possibly check with for spicy surprises.
Two other differences: At Casa Roca Inn you can slumber. And regrettably Minimal Bridges  does not have a web page but is on facebook.

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There are other samples of excellent cooperation on the very little island of Camiguin. Dive bases help each other when a compressor fails. Resorts offer their swimming pools for the confined water classes for the PADI certification. Some places to eat support stopping their competitors to be out of stock.

I recently discovered of an additional good cooperation of previous competition on Bulabog Seashore in Boracay. But this an additional tale.

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