Philippines Earthquakes 2016

Additional Earthquakes in the Philippines

A lot more Earthquakes in the Philippines. In the very first two months of 2016 we recorded more earthquakes than in the past a long time.

In two initially months of we counted 2016 an regular of 7.2 earthquakes per working day. In 2015 they had been 4.5 earthquakes and in 2014 5.5 quakes per working day. This is a seriously sizeable improve. The normal magnitudes 3.1 to 3.2 and the common depths 32 to 38km remained just about regular.

Most active are the next regions:

  • The Lubang Fault involving Mindoro and Batangas
  • Southern Calabrazon around Lopez
  • The Philippine Trench off the coast of Siargao Island
  • The Panay Gulf among Negros and Panay
  • The southern close of the Philippine Trench

Bohol is calming down

Soon after the devastating earthquake on  October 15 2013, Bohol ongoing to tremble for around 24 months. The seabed and the total island lifted. In Loboc and on the western coast between Punta Cruz and Loon, the width of the seashores improved radically. But in the course of tumble 2015 and now in 2016 Bohol calmed down. Down below are the Bohol earthquakes of 2014, 2015 and the initially 2 months of 2016.

 Bohol Earthquakes 2014  Bohol Earthquakes 2015  Bohol Earthquakes 2016
 2014  2015  2016 (until finally march 3)

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Southern Calabarzon is pretty energetic

The region of southern Quezon province all around Lopez counted previously 25 earthquakes this 12 months. 4 of these earthquakes had been of medium magnitude in between Mag.4 and Mag.6. In 2014 and 2015 we recorded only one particular weak earthquake per calendar year in this location. This region is depicted in the title image.

Offended from PHIVOLCS

Right after a long time of manually recording the earthquakes in the Philippines mainly because of quite poor information management at PHIVOLCS, we were happy to announce on September 7, 2015 that PHIVOLCS had enhanced the good quality of their earthquake data. Because then, our robotic did scan the PHIVOLCS earthquake site the moment for every hour. This permitted us to update our maps instantly. But since February 28 this year, PHIVOLCS refuses our robot access to their web site. Why? Until eventually now we did not get any solution. We have again to do the foolish work manually. It only takes 5 minutes for every working day, but it is however foolish to do manually a best automated career.

A lot more Earthquakes?

You can validate oneself. Our Earthquake page displays you the gathered 2016 earthquakes, the most new earthquakes and the strongest earthquakes. At this quite minute we recorded quantity 445 this calendar year.

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