Agus VI is leaking - electricity production drops

Agus VI is leaking – electrical power output drops

A leak has made in the Agus VI hydroelectric energy plant consumption in Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City. Given that last February 27, when Mindanao experienced a total energy blackout,  rotating brownouts of 3 to 10 hours slow down financial state.

Dependent on the extent of the problems on Agus VI, the leak could pose a key electric power difficulty to Iligan Town consumers and influence the Mindanao grid. Agus VI has 5 building units. Of the probable 270 MW manufacturing only 79 MW are accessible. Generator-Models 3 an 4 do not deliver at all and the remaining 3 models significantly down below their maximum capability.

Agus-VI Power Plant

Agus VI is one of a lot of electricity crops on the shores of Agus river. In Marawi, Agus river flows out of Lake Lanao.

Agus-VI Power Plant


Maria Cristina Hydro Electric powered Ability Plant (former title of the Agus VI Plant) was built in 1950.

Agus VI hydroelectric power plant

If a big repair is required, 270 MW from the Mindanao grid will be essential, aggravating the electrical power lack. There is by now a 210 MW scarcity owing to the STEAG plant shutdown. A reduction from the grid of far more than 400 MW, which incorporates the possible Agus VI shutdown of 270 MW, included to other grid deficiencies – would consequence in far more rotating brownouts that can influence up to Cagayan de Oro Metropolis.

To make the dilemma even worse the brief-term outlook is not excellent, with the predicted El Niño phenomenon this summer. At present we still notice a slight La Niña development.

Rehabilitation works on the two models of the Agus VI hydroelectric electrical power plant are expected to move forward in Oct (2014 ?).

Today’s energy situation:

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