Air Traffic from/to Europe 07:00 UTC

Air Site visitors from/to Europe

Air Website traffic from/to Europe risks to come upon delays because of missile strike in Iraq. The FlightRadar24 screenshot at 07:00 (UTC) demonstrates no speedy motion. But the OPSGROUP distributed an urgent warning:

Adhering to the missile strike, the US FAA has now issued “Emergency Order” Notams banning all US operators from overflying the airspace Iraq, Iran, and the overwater airspace above the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, with fast impact.

Update from 09:00 UTC: The Airways respond

The “Oil Track” is shifting to north and south out of the zone. Review the maps from 07:00 UTC and 09:00 UTC

The “Oil Track” from 07:00 UTC

Air Traffic from/to Europe 07:00 UTC

The “Oil Track” from 09:00 UTC

The afflicted air space is:

Air Traffic from/to Europe WARNING

What about non-US airlines?


Of study course, non-US operators are not bounded by the FAA Notams, but we would like to listen to if you are rerouting or preventing any airspace.

We have had two stories from customers that were operating in the Tehran FIR at the time. Just one was enroute to OMDB and offered a 180° switch to exit the airspace, by Iranian ATC. One more N-registered aircraft (United states of america) was offered revised routing out of the Tehran FIR, desired destination was OMDW. They had declared bare minimum route gas and were being asking to continue ahead, and were denied. Tehran appears to have really pretty much uninvited N-reg aircraft (United states)  from their airspace.

From earlier Iran warnings, OPSGROUP members say: ‘Even if the operator/pilots feel they will appear close or penetrate Irans Airspace they should make contact with Iran Air Protection on 127.8 or 135.1’. If the Iranians have an unknown plane on their radar and not in speak to with them they will transmit on guard with the unidentified plane coordinates, altitude, squawk (if there is a person), way of travel and then talk to this plane to discover by themselves as they are approaching Iranian ADIZ.

We suggest to make contact with your airline

If you have to fly from or to Europe, then you should right away make contact with your airline. If they have to fly detours all over above red zone then flights could possibly very last 1 to 2 hours extended.
Significant places and stop overs are also all gulf-location airports. This is particularly accurate for flights with Qatar, Emirates, Oman Air, Etihad and other gulf-airlines. Their hub airports may possibly not be available.

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