Air Traffic vs. Marine Traffic during COVID

Air Visitors vs. Marine Visitors compared for the duration of the COVID-19 Lockdown in the Philippines. Passenger targeted traffic is now nearly at zero. But Cargo targeted traffic need to run to bring supplies to the remotest islands. All maps in this post can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Air Visitors

Domestic air targeted traffic had been stopped weeks ago. This had been a single of the very first actions to quit spreading of the virus inside the massive archipelago. In the very first weeks we nevertheless observed some “sweeper flights” that fetched stranded vacationers. They had been brought to the nevertheless open international airports. 
The handful of birds nevertheless now in the Philippine skies are either charter flights or cargo operations. On Flight Radar 24 charter flights can be identified by there four digit flight numbers (e.g. just now 2P9453 a PALexpress flight from Basic Santos to Manila).


Most other planes fly at higher altitude either involving China and Australia or Japan and Singapore or Indonesia.
There are are also some handful of international flights from/to Manila. Compared with the flights a month ago, the skies are empty.

Sea Visitors

Air Visitors vs. Marine Visitors – Immediately after the lockdown of air targeted traffic followed the quit of nearly all passenger targeted traffic on ferries. There are nevertheless some exceptions. The blue ships in the map under are passenger ferries. But they transport trucks and cargo. Only incredibly handful of passengers are nevertheless permitted to travel. Most of them are government or wellness associated.


Green ships are cargo steamers and the red ones are tankers.
This actual-time map can be identified on Marine Traffic.

The seas are nevertheless complete. Beneath is the Philippines map for marine targeted traffic. Evaluate it with the air targeted traffic map!


An fascinating prior to/now comparison

Right here are the two intense:

Prior to COVID-19


Immediately after COVID-19