An alternative to the concrete block house in the Philippines – a radically different approach

An option to the concrete block household in the Philippines – a radically diverse solution

Philippine concrete block houses, the excellent the poor and the unpleasant.  The normal Philippine residence is a metallic-roofed concrete box exposed to the blistering tropical sunlight.  The warmth absorbed by the thermal mass of the building guarantees that the property is uncomfortable all night.  These residences are not way too distinctive from the incredibly hot containers prisoners are put in for punishment in motion pictures these types of as “The Bridge on the River Kwai”.   Indoor air temperatures commonly attain 90F or additional and hardly ever fall drastically at evening.

So why do people develop and are living in these types of properties?  There are good causes. They are cost-effective.  Regional employees know how to establish them.  Concrete block residence resist most of the numerous environmental hazards in the Philippines.  They can be cleaned up and re-inhabited after currently being flooded, they resist typhoons, bugs don’t take in them, they are fire resistant and retain out thieves.   Basically these buildings are sand and gravel strengthened with a minimal (from time to time far too very little) cement and metal.

Of study course air conditioning can help make everyday living in the concrete household tolerable, but power costs in the Philippines are extremely substantial.  There are techniques to aid preserve concrete residences cooler.  Light colored roofs mirror somewhat than transmit the warmth.  Insulation and reflective foil also can help.  Shading the developing so that it is not uncovered to direct sunlight is quite vital.  This can be performed with trees and other plantings and/or can be done with architectural aspects these types of as louvers and awnings.  We will outline some of these steps in a further short article.

How about a radically diverse technique?  Friends of ours who live in Baja California in Mexico saw a house going up which used a concrete basis a steel framework insulated with thick Styrofoam panels.  This element of Mexico is related in many respects to the Philippines.  Beneath we current a series of pictures of the design of the property.  We never have many facts but we know that many persons developing in the Philippines want to stay away from the standard concrete block design and are keen to investigate choices.  Hopefully these shots will present some inspiration.  Regrettably, we can’t deliver extra element other than to say that the residence was concluded, within and out with parge or stucco, perhaps a sprayed concrete material.

Baja overview

Metal framework bolted to concrete flooring

Baja overview floor

styro truss 3

baja anchor

Are these Hilti anchors?

This house was a kit.  It could be easily and inexpensively welded-up in the Philippines

This home was a kit. It could be easily and inexpensively welded-up in the Philippines