CAUTION: Cancellations of PAL Flights

Bad temperature = a programming bug

The climate below in Camiguin is however lousy – no it bought worse. So I assumed to have a glimpse at our new climate web page to see what the forecast says and to have a appear at the clouds film.

I obtained a bit troubled mainly because the clouds motion picture showed absolutely nothing above our island. I then checked the dates of the photos and identified that they however had been from January 14 and 15.

 What experienced happened?

Immediately after some study I identified that the hoster of our web page had changed some configuration specifics. We have been not in a position any more to receive the climate facts from OpenWeatherMap and Japan Meteorological Company (JMA).

You ought to have listened to me shouting! I did it like him…

Captain Haddock
Anthropithecus! Bashi-bazouks! Colocynths! Dunderheaded coconuts! Fourlegged Cyrano! Thousands and thousands and billions of blue blistering barnacles! and a lot a lot more.

Well, I have uncovered a work-about and considering that noon (UTC+8) the temperature info is once again up to date. Hmm, not absolutely! The photographs in the clouds flicks are nonetheless jumpy, since the film is constructed from the past 24 hours’ shots. At this quite minute only 7 of the 24 pics are up to date. But by tomorrow noon, every little thing really should be Ok.

I would like to thank the fellas who created Stack Overflow. The perform-all-around I discovered on their site.



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