Passport with stamps

be mindful with their stamps in your passport

Your passport is your ultimate vacation doc. In the past years passports obtained much more advanced with the embedded chips made up of your organic data and a lot far more. But creating glitches is human!

A mate a short while ago travelled to South Africa and back again. When he remaining Durban he bought this stamp in his passport:

 Passport stamp

This stamp in his passport may cause him some troubles specially when getting into nations with extreme immigration rules.

 Such mistakes happen any place in the entire world. This one particular just appears humorous. We strongly suggest to check the stamp instantly and in front of the immigration officer.

An typically seen trouble in the Philippines , primarily when the immigration officer had labored currently 6 to 8 several hours: He/she does not genuinely verify the validity of your visa. All through the working day he/she had currently stamped hundreds of passports and the 30 days limit for the visa waiver is current in the head like an “Earworm”. Then you threat to get only 30 times of free keep even if you had compensated for 90 times at the embassy overseas.

Passport with 90 days visa

This vacationer visa (9A) is legitimate for 90 days, about 3 months.

Passport visa waiver

This visa waiver stamp is legitimate for 30 times.

Legitimate for nearly all nations around the world is the rule that immigration law supersedes consular regulation. Or in basic English language:  An embassy or consulate visa can be refused by immigration when you get there. In this sort of a scenario preserve great and pay attention. Often there is just a misunderstanding and you enter after answering some queries.

Passport: Verify the stamp promptly in front of the issuing immigration officer!

Look at the entry date and the validity day. But also check out the exit day. All these day stamps should be proper. If not, kindly ask the officer to stamp the accurate data and cancel the incorrect stamp with an formally acknowledged cancellation stamp. It is also intelligent to note the name of the issuing immigration officer. One particular by no means is aware of what will take place at the subsequent immigration office.

For much more data about immigration and visa in the Philippines, read our “Visa page“.

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