Be Sure To Have An Exit Plan!

Be Positive To Have An Exit Program! out?v=Im3VvGFEPgs

The stats for expats who shift to the Philippines and in fact keep there for quite a few, a lot of a long time are not an correct science.  I necessarily mean, with 94.4% of all figures being pulled out of slim air anyways, who can seriously trust them?  Nevertheless – and from what I have found – there is a definite percentage of expats who go to Philippines (either by way of retirement, pension or “remote careers”) who really do not actually remain for the prolonged haul.  No matter whether it be the traffic, the sounds or definitely, truly lousy Tagalog soap operas, at some issue, they eventually choose they’ve experienced more than enough and move on.  Greener pastures and whatnot.  That mentioned, I also have to include that there is also a particular proportion of the men pack it up and leave and then appear again!  Just goes to show…..


If you are arranging a move to the Philippines (or everywhere exterior of your house place , for that make any difference), you are strongly encouraged to make certain you have a very Good exit strategy in scenario factors don’t flip out so perfectly.  The lure of the unidentified is quite potent and with people extolling the virtues of dwelling in a sunny, tropical (semi)paradise (like us), some people get their judgment clouded, beguiled by the idea even in advance of they stage onto the airplane.  It’s humorous –  when I initially started off dreaming of the Philippines, I experienced this eyesight of leasing a seaside rental on a secluded white sand seashore for $200 a month, lengthy excursions together mountainous green trails on an enduro motocross, and having lengthy trips to see the seaside web sites in my SUV.  None of individuals matters basically happened for many reasons:  You want a white sand seaside condo, you will be having to pay by means of the nose – motocross enduros are just as well not comfortable (additionally I really do not want to crack any bones right here) – and gasoline charges make SUV excursions really a lot not possible.  All over again, I was taken in by an ideal, not the truth, which is a heady (and bewildering) blend of equally the excellent and the lousy.  I will In no way forget my initially time in downtown Duamaguete – 8 PM at night time by the market place –  it was scorching as blazes and I could not even figure out how to cross the frikken road owing to the absence of website traffic lights and total congestion.  Yeah, there have been far more than a couple of scenarios in which this Daily life has slipped into a potential Nightmare.

Anyhoo, please, please, please have a fallback prepare if matters do not do the job out here.  Go to first (a several moments for a excellent amount of money of time every on just about every trip) before quitting your career (if you are not retired), offering all your stuff and heading off into the mysterious.   And even though I did not possess the assistance that I am now featuring and  never frequented in advance of going in this article, I was fortunate plenty of to possess the temperament and disposition needed to alter to it long term.  So – in other words –  never do what I did!  I also offered  90% of my issues, but  I bought them to a buddy with the knowledge that if I returned in two years, I could purchase it all back again (with a little bit of curiosity, of course).  I also keep a superior reserve of cash (I am frugal and have a tendency to be a saver) and have earmarked a main chunk of it in circumstance I have to ever pull a Program B and return to the United States.

I am bringing this up due to the fact I listen to a good deal of fellas speaking about having rid of all their things, offering their households and earning the go.  Some, without the need of acquiring even visited  placing it all on a wing and a prayer.  As with something in life, this is just terrible policy, as you might locate that all the eggs that you have place in that basket will in no way hatch. 

It is a good issue to have a Life, significantly – in my impression – a Philippine Life.  Just make sure you have a contingency program in location before you do just about anything drastic that you may possibly are living to regret.


Possessed of good intentions, itchy feet and a retirement fund or pension?  Pondering about shifting to a laid back, sunlight-kissed land?  Be a part of us on Philippine Desires to hear about all the very good and terrible generating these a drastic enterprise!