Bicol Special – the Journey (cont.)

Bicol Exclusive – the Journey (cont.)

Bicol Special is a little bit delayed. Web in Bicol is worse than in Camiguin. I’d like to have my aged 19.2K modem listed here. But prior to we report from the fireplace of Bicol, we tell you about the rest of our journey.

Just this early morning, we bought an information and facts from our good friends in Camiguin that Oceanjet has yet again suspended their support from/to Camiguin (UFN). I think we’ll have a limited dialogue with our governor when we’ll be back. If Oceanjet carries on playing this sort of foolish online games, the only solution will be an ultimatum: You sail now or you won’t sail anymore to Camiguin! This company helps make me ill. They bailed out the famed Paras Sea-Cat. Right after obtaining gained the competition with ultra-reduced fares, they increased the charges by 200% and very last Thursday we were at PHP 1,000 per pax to CdO. What a shame!

Did not I want to tell you about our journey and about Bicol? 

At 07:30 a.m. we experienced checked in at Laguindingan airport. The ghost in the title graphic is me, the delays are not real, they are worse. Test-in experienced been easy. Luggage was checked by means of to Naga.  So we hadn’t to capture the bags and deliver it upstairs in NAIA-3.
We went upstairs with a definitely managing escalator. And there we very first identified that funny matter named “Terminal Price Counter”.

 Terminal Fee Counter CGY

The factor you do not see is the Philippines employment system. The dude at the counter sells the Terminal Fee Ticket. Just after acquiring done this demanding task he turns to his right and sits at the desk of the Terminal Cost Check out Counter. There he tears off 50 percent of the paper he just offered to you.

But the most attention-grabbing issue arrives just immediately after: the “Security Check”. Extremely the X-ray machine labored and the metal detector beeped. That’s not typical. Typically at minimum one particular of the two devices is out of company.

And of program the officer confiscated my lighter. Even if a single standard lighter is allowed by TSA, in Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro they are confiscated systematically. No one is aware of why, but there are some hints:

  1. Butch (my female spouse for lots of several years) can carry them with no difficulties, but the “longnose” has to consign them. Thank you Butch.
  2. I know those CGM and CGY officers now for many years. I choose often at the very least just one vacant lighter on the top rated of my baggage and the working a single a bit extra inside. They only just take the empty one – haha

And then:

Cagayan de Oro airport smoking area

I purchased a double espresso in one particular cup, a capuchino and a sandwich at the bar previously mentioned. Double espresso in one particular cup appeared incredibly complicatedly. “Sir, you will have to fork out two uncomplicated espresso”… Of program, walang problema. But the very poor guy wanted about 10 minutes to do so, meanwhile the sandwich for MyButch experienced been roasted practically black. I compensated, but they forgot the capuchino. OMG. I required a cigarette.

In the people who smoke room all people had his/her individual lighter. WTF, how did they convey them in? Did they all know the trick with the empty lighter on leading in the luggage?

I had my time to consider. They just announced that our flight would be delayed by 30 minutes (only).

Boarding Time:

Evrybody touring is aware the 1-18 / 19-32 boarding schema of Cebu Pacific. Front entrance for the 1st 18 rows and rear entrance for the rest of the travellers. In the most recent airport in the Philippines – Languindingan Worldwide Airport- it seems as this:

CGY front entrance CGY rear entrance
Cool entrance for rows 1 to 18 Sunny, sometimes wet, entrance for rows 19+  It’s far more enjoyable …

Although taxying to the runway I could confirm that the ILS antennas, PAPI lights and other products were now set up. We are now waiting for the CAAP certification. But this is another tale that will be explained to later.

Throughout our flight to Manila we savored the sightseeing excursions above Luzon. We could enjoy Taal volcano and Laguna bay at the very least 3 periods just before landing in MNL

Transfer in NAIA-3

Transfer in Manila is a real adventure. Extra information is below: Manila Airport Transfer.
But transfer in just the same termina with the exact same airline is also a health and fitness keep track of.  Fortunatey our luggage experienced been checked by from Cagayan de Oro to Naga Metropolis. So we did not have to fetch and carry our baggage.

There is even now no transfer zone, the place you can refresh and go straight to the gate of the connecting flight. No, you have to go down to the exit level. But you do the good news is not have to depart the building. Then you go up yet again, move by a guard, go by the terminal charge verify and do once more the protection check. This requires about 30 minutes of jogging.

And then you wait in the overcrowded ready areas at the gates. The ready room would be ample if:

  1. Travellers for 10 Cebu Pacific flights weren’t questioned to be at the gate at least 30 minutes before scheduled get-off.
  2. At least 4 flights were being scheduled for the ame time at the similar gate
  3. Any flight were being on-time.

Our flight was originally delayed for about 1 hour. Following 30 minutes standing we uncovered a seat. And then we waited.


After a somehow bumpy flight simply because of the afternoon’s thermal turbulence, we arrived at 4 p.m. in WMP – Naga City’s airport.

About 24 hours from Camiguin (Benoni departure) to Naga Town arrival. That is 530 kilometers in the Philippines.
If you know, you are geared up. If you never know, you get mad and frustrates.
This is why we create this kind of content articles. It’s not a complaint, it is preparedness, it’s info.

And by the way: I wanted pretty much 4 hrs to get this posting on-line. Bicol’s network went off-on-off-on-off- o… no maybe…

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