CAUTION: Cancellations of PAL Flights

Bureau of Immigration is really chaotic

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) had been quite hectic for the duration of the very last months. There are two new polices, one belonging to overseas expatriates and longtime visitors the other a single aiming Filipino travelers.

Overseas expatriates and longtime visitors

When you have to get your visa extension at a field business of the bureau of immigration, you now have to:

  • You have now to deliver each individual time a 2 x 2 passport picture and glue it by yourself on the BI form *
  • You have to give the BI with 2 (two) reference individuals in the Philippines. Up to now, 1 particular person experienced been adequate.

Silent Gardens: Visa Information

We have up-to-date appropriately our visa information and facts web site.

New requirements for Filipino visitors

From now on, no (Filipino) tourist will be allowed to go away the state except he can display evidence of fiscal functionality to journey, evidence of perform and financial assist from benefactors.
The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on today issued stringent suggestions intended to prevent the exodus of undocumented Abroad Foreign Workers (OFWs) by creating the stated blanket requirement for all who travel as vacationers.
The bureau adopted the plan to struggle the nefarious functions of human trafficking syndicates. Undocumented OFWs are susceptible to abuses by their employers.

Silent Gardens: Manila Departure Guide

We have updated accordingly our Manila Departure Guide.

*) Yesterday listed here experienced been an mistake and a typo. Thanks to André and Ralph for their responses. 

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