Camiguin OK - Cagayan de Oro under water again

Camiguin Alright – Cagayan de Oro less than water again

Camiguin Okay! It even now rains but the condition is not important.

It nonetheless rains seriously in the south-east of the Philippines. The job NOAH of PAGASA delivers valuable info in real-time. Rainfall in the south-eastern area is among 3 and 12 mm/h.

Camiguin OK but still raining

The significant downpours now hit Bukidnon, the hinterland of Cagayan de Oro. The rivers, primarily the Cagayan river, are really higher. They convey major masses of water down to the lowlands. Close friends in Cagayan de Oro broadcasted a video on facebook some minutes back. The problem in the town virtually seems as previous week.

Cagayan again under water
Camiguin Alright!

Camiguin is Okay, but at least one particular barrio is flooded. As promised in our very last update, we took the hazard and went to the sector. Remember to locate beneath some of our impressions.

Camiguin OK but too much water
This is not a rill, this is our accessibility highway to the nationwide freeway. Now it is far more quiet. This morning we could listen to the boulders rolling.

Camiguin OK but too much water
The not too long ago completed flood prevention seems to function. Beneath is a image of the similar location (other perspective) from February 1, 2011.

Camiguin 2011-02-01

Also the second engineering get the job done nevertheless keeps. It appears to be a little bit far more fragile and mud, sand and rocks experienced amassed all through the previous rainy weeks.

Camiguin rain 2017-01-28
We hope the waters won’t increase any more. If not all this mud will be swept in the direction of the airport’s runway (see below). Six a long time back it seemed like this:

Camiguin 2011-02-01

This is the highway on February 01, 2011. Persons seeking to go to Mambajao experienced to cross over the airport’s runway.

Camiguin Mambajao 2017-01-28

The wet current market in Mambajao this afternoon all-around 3 p.m. The sector experienced been truly soaked, but as opposed with 2011, it was instead dry.

Camiguin 2011-02-01

The only types who go through once again from the floods are the persons in barrio Tapon. Officially there should be no far more huts and residences. Early in 2014 all housings in this barrio had been declared illegal and experienced been demolished. Now the new settlers reside underneath plastic tarpaulins with bamboo posts and amakan partitions.

Camiguin Tapon 2017-01-28

Camiguin Tapon 2017-01-28

Camiguin (CGM) Runway 07/25 Ok

The runway of Camiguin’s airport seems to be substantially better than 6 years ago. Although we do not be expecting the DG 6690 flight tomorrow morning. [Update:] DG 6690 has landed at 06:18 this morning. There is still much too significantly h2o, the runway is far too damp (and still incredibly short) and the cloud ceiling is as well very low. Anticipate to remain yet another day on Camiguin island or just take the detour either by Cagayan de Oro (CGY) or Butuan (BXU). At minimum, the sea is instead relaxed.

Camiguin (CGM) Runway

The condition 6 decades ago had been a lot more remarkable …

Camiguin Runway 2011-02-01

Yes, this is the runway. Serving to hands set a rope above the flooded runway and helped individuals to cross. This had been in the course of 2 or 3 times the only obtain to Mambajao for folks residing far more northwest of Camiguin’s money. We survived…

Keep organized, but smile …

Camiguin prepared and smiling

Do it like me: be well prepared and smile. White Island will shortly once again glance like this:

White-Island keeps the hearth warm

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