Camiguin Black Beach Divers - The Phoenix Effect

Camiguin Black Beach Divers – The Phoenix Result

Camiguin Black Beach front Divers formally inaugurated these days their dive foundation on the black sands of Agoho Seashore. Congratulations to Axel and his crew.

There is a very long story – historical past? – behind this position. I do not notify it, mainly because just now I gained this limited sentence from a dear pal: “Don’t glimpse at the past, you can’t improve it and it could make you cry”.
Limited, I appreciated to dive with Uli, Michèle, Arno, Romeo, Wing and Tintin. This is the earlier, it ended in August 2017.

Right now the Phoenix Impact did hit efficiently.

Right after 3 months of powerful function Axel opened the new dive foundation in the ideal put of Camiguin: Agoho Black Beach. Envision a dive foundation on a organic sandy beach with coconut and talisay trees. The beach front is black, due to the fact the sand comes from the volcanic rocks. If you do not observe the waters of the Bohol sea and flip close to, you see magic Mount Hibok-Hibok volcano. This is where by the magnetic sand arrives from.

Camiguin Black Seashore Divers

The festivities started this early morning. The crew took a single of the two dive boats and went out for a exciting dive. Mid afternoon an opening social gathering begun in the beach resort in which the dive base is situated: Adrian’s Beach front Dwelling. (Go through also listed here). The catering experienced been superb (two leechons, rice, chili con carne, mango floats and beeeeeer).
It is been a big pleasure to fulfill old mates and dive buddies.

Pictures say much more than 1000 terms

Camiguin Black Beach Divers Master Axel
Axel’s brief speech -haha – the lechon was ready.
The Black Beach Leechon
The Black Beach Lechon (rear look at ? ) ,connected Philippines delices and a great deal of rice.
The crew! What a crew!
The crew. For someones memories may well arrive up all over again.
Digi and friends
Ein Urgestein – and the beer had been chilly.
Sonja and Adrian who's story started here years ago.
Sonja and Adrian met here some a long time ago. They came back. I’ll shortly create about Sonja’s book.
Kids instead of BCDs and wet-suits.
Youngsters as an alternative of BCDs and soaked-suits.
The sun graced this remarkable day with wonderful wish ...
The sunshine graced this remarkable working day with a excellent desire …

Camiguin Black Seashore Divers are presently on Facebook. Shortly their web-site will be on-line. In the coming times I’ll demonstrate you the specialized installations and their very affordable rates.

Dear Axel and crew, we desire you all the finest for your new dive foundation. Thank you for obtaining the lights turned on once again. We’re wanting ahead to generating lots of joyful bubbles jointly.

Camiguin Black Beach Divers

The Phoenix Impact

In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a extended-lived chicken that cyclically regenerates or is or else born all over again.
Related with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new lifestyle by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. In historical Greece and Rome, the phoenix was affiliated with Phoenicia, (fashionable Lebanon), a civilisation famed for its creation of purple dye from conch shells.
In the historical document, the phoenix could symbolise renewal in standard as very well as the sunlight, time, metempsychosis, consecration, resurrection, lifetime in the heavenly Paradise.

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