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Camiguin is loosing virginity – JolliBee assessments the market

Camiguin island in the southern Bohol sea has been recognized for its pristine nature, mountains and sea. I write this in past tense because the concrete most cancers is establishing at fearful speed. And now the initial rapid foodstuff monster tests the market.

Camiguin Concrete Most cancers

All in excess of the island concrete is spreading by 1000’s of cubic-meters per day. New roads are created and invade pristine nature like cancer invades a healthful physique. At Katibawasan falls a extremely steep concrete road replaces the previous trail likely to the upper part of the waterfall. The the trans-island freeway with its gigantesque parking at Tuasan falls is the most unsafe highway of the whole island. The slope reverse of the parking is repeatedly sliding down. The small security wall is just a joke. Soon after the first robust rain, this road will not be usable any more. This drama will go on until the entire volcanic hill will be flat. You may also want to read through my previous year’s post: Concrete Insanity in Camiguin.

Camiguin Concrete Cancer

And why for God’s sake to we need a 4 lane freeway? Probably for drying palay (rice)? If most people just noticed fundamental website traffic guidelines, the existing roadways would be definitely adequate.

Camiguin’s first speedy food items monster

For some time now the rumour goes all over the island that Gaisano will make a shopping mall in downtown Mambajao. Official details is not available neither on the government’s web-site nor on their fb web pages. A newspaper does not exist any longer. And yesterday this truck stopped in the centre of Mambajao:

JollyBee Camiguin

This morning at close to 10 a.m. in excess of 20 people were queueing up. Do they actually will need this industrial foodstuff when they can get tasty and healthy meals in the neighborhood marketplace and in nearby dining establishments and eateries? The inexpensive and ecological impact will be a catastrophe.

Can you see a trash bin? For a inexperienced and thoroughly clean Camiguin?

Listed here is an outlook in the really around upcoming …

JolliBee Trash Camiguin This is really Malabsay Falls on Mt. Isarog in Bicol.

And yet another aspect impact …

Before JolliBee Before JolliBee and other rapidly food items monsters

JolliBee Fat After JolliBee and other rapidly foods monsters

Bon urge for food!

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