Camiguin Telecom back to the Quality of 1994?

Camiguin Telecom back to the High-quality of 1994?

Camiguin Telecom or shorter CamTeco suffers.

The neighborhood supplier of telecommunication companies on the small island of Camiguin looks to experience the anger of disappointed shoppers. This morning the bill’s collector came to our property as usual to accumulate the cellular phone invoice of previous month. Stapled on the invoice I discovered this small paper:

Camiguin Telecom

Fascinating !

I genuinely experienced been enthusiastic due to the fact just now we are tests distinctive companies with different connections. I did just a swift and dirty examination. Here is the final result. Both equally assessments went to the PLDT server in Manila. I stayed in the exact same site and employed the exact laptop or computer. For non-networkers: The Latency informs about the time passed among sending a request and getting the start of respond to. CAMTECO was 9 instances slower than Smart. Mbps download implies how considerably date just one gets from the Online for each second. Camiguin Telecom was 25 moments slower than Smart. And last but not least Mbps add informs about the speed of sending details. Sensible was 11 times quicker than CAMTECO.

Camiguin Telecom at 13:30 p.m. on March 20 SMARTbro 3G at 13:32 p.m. on March 20

The exhilaration vanished right away. In which is the improvement?

Where by are the Very good Information ?

As indicated on the small paper on the monthly bill, I went to the area site of CAMTECO. If you are a present consumer, you can consider 172.18..8 in your browser’s deal with bar. As it is an inside server of Camiguin Telecom, only energetic buyers can get to this website. I report some extracts which do not violate their copyright.

Welcome CAMTECO subscribers!

CAMTECO is doing the job to restore the excellent of support when we commenced in 1994(1). Go to this website additional frequently for announcements and suggestions to enhance our service.

Internet pace enhancements
As a tiny provider we have constrained bandwidth to hook up you to the outside globe(2). With this strategies we can increase your browsing speed. We also have to have your cooperation.

This textual content is adopted by suggestions these as utilizing a Proxy server or use of simple variations of products and services like facebook ( They also suggest to look at motion pictures soon after 10 p.m. They say:

We setup an interior-only Speedtest server(3) so that you can verify your relationship speed. The larger pace, the better. The decrease ping time, the superior. Click right here to run it. (The hyperlink performs only for CAMTECO clients.)

Some number of reviews

(1) Does somebody promote a 300 baud modem or maybe a 9.6kbps box?  No, which is a little bit a terrible interpretation. Sorry!

(2) This is one of the primary problems in the provinces. Facts transmission is significant enterprise and is significant money.

(3) This is a bit cheating. What you see in this check is not what you actually get. It just displays the feasible pace of the cable from your home to Camiguin Telecom. The image below demonstrates the values retrieved from the local server in Camiguin.

CAMTECO Internal


The values evidently demonstrate ability bottlenecks and terrible wires.

The Defense

I do not want to humiliate Camiguin Telecom. They have fine men who know their work. The line-males assist customers even through thunder storms. But their tools ??? CAMTECO suffers clearly from the 3rd Earth Outcome.

  • They put in incredibly highly-priced fiber optics cables from PLDT. But they only use the outer two copper wires. This is a 50 moments charge overhead. No one on the island is aware of how to splice these cables effectively. End result: Right before upgrading the island’s community, CAMTECO will have to change all the previous fiber optics cables. Once more a multi-million peso expense.
    I ponder who bought these cables and why. A tricky salesman at PLDT or possibly an uncle?
  • The new technologies are readily available in the boom-metropolitan areas this sort of as Manila or Cebu. 20 Mbps consistent – no dilemma Sir. Out in the province it is worst colonialism executed by the have individuals.  I can realize why younger, capable people depart the province. This is called brain-drain. And sure, the metropolitan areas explode!
  • Lack of transparency. As a consumer you are also member of the cooperative. Have you ever received an yearly report? Okay, there is a web page: but final update is from . I observed no monetary facts. There is also a copy of the cellular phone listing:  It demonstrates 605 entries.
  • At the beginning experienced been a regular 3rd World enhancement task again in 1994. This task had been launched and financed by the GTZ, now GIZ, the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit”. Initially the GIZ had a truly competent local spouse, Mr. Genciano “Nandy” Dagondon. But afterwards?

And the potential?

Sorry, for when I am absolutely pessimistic.
Camiguin Telecom is not aggressive. They can neither match the effectiveness, nor the services, nor the cost. Without massive investments and without having a confirmed return on investment decision, they will vanish shortly. During the frequently occurring brown-outs their network is entirely off-line. How cam you then call a single of the unexpected emergency numbers?
The two huge telcos produce considerably much better provider for a lot less dollars and they even do the job for the duration of brown-outs.
The population’s telecom services consumption is rising extremely rapid. Every child has a cellphone (or two). Landline is the previous out in the deepest province.
Possibly CAMTECO could be remodeled into a governing administration assistance. Delivering telecom solutions exclusively to authorities businesses. This would totally free up efficiency for industrial consumers of Smart and World. This would also let to set up confidential intranet links for the govt.  And previous but not the very least it would preserve the careers of several very good personnel.

Camiguin’s paradigm change

There will soon be much more such changes.

  • What will come about when Gaisano opens? Clear away all the small outlets and set them within the mall?
  • When will be the to start with visitors or parking collapse in downtown Mambajao? Presently now the town requires 50 % an military of POSOs to avert the infarct.
  • Waste water procedure is even now unfamiliar. The feces and squander liquids of about 100,000 folks movement in the sea. Did a person previously count the coli germs near the beach locations?  Boracay did skip 20 decades to get the trouble in the palms. Now they have a great mess.
  • Who will supply the necessary electric power for the new shopping shopping mall, the new resorts and the developing range of locals applying electricity as a substitute of wooden stove and candles?

I say it in my very own language: Après moi le déluge. Désolé.

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