Camiguin vs. Langkawi – Part 2

Camiguin vs. Langkawi – Portion 2

Camiguin vs. Langkawi – two cultures! Just before we choose the aircraft from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi, I show you some eye catching differences and an just about best betrayal.

Just after acquiring arrived in the city of Kuala Lumpur, we needed some money. We did not provide Philippine Pesos for the reason that of the export restriction of PHP 10,000 and because quite a few banks abroad do not take Pesos. So we seemed for a bank to improve our USD for MYR. There ended up numerous banks near our lodge. The only missing factor – or somewhat individuals – were being the guards. There are completely no guards out of banking companies and shops. There is also no check out, when you enter a purchasing mall. It appears that all the gangsters and terrorists desire the Philippines…

Camiguin vs. Langkawi Picture courtesy of kingdom

Entrance of a searching mall in Manila.

Lacking things in Kuala Lumpur that are ample in Manila

There had been other issues we did not pass up and didn’t see in Kuala Lumpur. There had been no stray-puppies. We have observed not just one pet in KL, neither stray dog nor pet-doggy. Why? Do they eat canines in KL? I don’t imagine so. There are no jeepneys, no trycicles and no pedicabs. This may well be one particular of the good reasons why visitors is flowing much smoother and a lot more rapidly in KL. Perhaps it is also the real driver’s license test, just before you are permitted to drive a motor vehicle or a motorcycle.
The only smaller visitors jam we encountered, occurred in the evening from 9 to 11 p.m. on Jalan P. Ramlee. Just outside of just one of our favored dining establishments, the Ava Bistro, some females made available their nocturnal services and autos drove particularly bit by bit.

I’ll write far more about automobiles and motorbikes, when we get there in Langkawi.

I got fooled at the market place

The central market place in Kuala Lumpur and the encompassing road markets are a should for any vacationer. The central industry is relatively a tourist entice with souvenirs made in China. But the avenue markets do have their appeal. I observed a stall where by they marketed USB-Memory sticks and SD-cards. The cost tag for all these sticks said MYR 20 (only). This suggests a 128 Gigabyte USB Stick for 264 Pesos! I even could get it for 15 Ringgit.

Kingston USB stick

Back again in the hotel i tested the stick. My notebook did not see the stick, neither did any other devices with an USB socket. I right away had the experience that I obtained fooled. At home I opened the adhere and recognized promptly why it did not operate:

Kingston USB stick

There was no memory chip at all within the stick!  I must have recognised. On ebay a person pays from USD 379.95 for these sticks.

Impressions from the current market

Camiguin vs. Langkawi Camiguin vs. Langkawi

In Camiguin vs. Langkawi – Part 3 we will go to Langkawi, promised! 

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