Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Manila

Cardinal Santos Health-related Centre, Manila


A couple observations with regards to the Cardinal Santos Medical Heart in Manila dependent on our latest check out there.  Cardinal Santos is not a big healthcare facility, having just 235 beds.  It’s found in an affluent district of Manila and usually, Cardinal Santos was considered of as a healthcare facility for the affluent and popular.  Perhaps this track record has been diluted by the institution of other upscale Manila hospitals these types of as The Health care Town, St. Luke’s World wide City and Asian Clinic, but it appeared to us that the shoppers we noticed at Cardinal Santos were being pretty considerably from destitute.  Further, really don’t presume that charges at top rated Manila hospitals are larger than provincial hospitals.

Cardinal Santos Health care Centre, Manila

The actual physical services, even though older, have been effectively taken care of and nevertheless a bit extra upscale than most.  We have been horrified by community restrooms in some Iloilo hospitals.  Not so Cardinal Santos.  It’s also our perception that a lot of of Manila’s prime medical professionals maintain clinics at Cardinal Santos.  We experienced a number of indications which suggested that Cardinal Santos is nicely run and focused on purchaser services.  They even keep track of and immediately respond to emails despatched to the generic hospital email deal with.  After returning to Iloilo, we required a duplicate of lab exam effects from Cardinal Santos.  They have been sent to us immediately with an apology that it was not completed faster.  Our effect is that Cardinal Santos seeks to maintain its affluent sufferers delighted by extremely excellent shopper company.

Carol and I finished up at Cardinal Santos for the reason that we equally necessary some specialised checks.  Our neurosurgeon instructed Carol have an electromyography and nerve conduction studies to figure out no matter if difficulties with her hand had been due to carpal tunnel or cervical backbone difficulties.  Fortunately it turned out to be the later.  Bob experienced had earlier echocardiograms carried out in Cebu and Iloilo City, but his Cardinal Santos cardiologist prompt owning 1 1 at Cardinal Santos.  We ended up both pretty positively amazed with the competence and professionalism of the health professionals and technicians who performed these tests.

It did not surprise us that at the very least some tests at Cardinal Santos price Considerably less than related exams in Iloilo Town.  For case in point we ended up billed P4095.25 for a 2-D echocardiogram at St. Paul’s Medical center in Iloilo.  This incorporated P2,775.25 for the hospital and P1,320 for the cardiologist in attendance.  At upscale Cardinal Santos we had been billed a overall of P3,746.25 for the similar expert services.  The price of routine lab assessments was considerably higher at Cardinal Santos.  For example, we were being billed P1,500 for a lipid profile at Cardinal Santos while the very same take a look at is P735 at St. Pauls Clinic in Iloilo City.  We have been billed P3,801 for Carol’s electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction reports.

We usually uncover that the cost of specialized medical expert services are the exact same or reduce at leading hospitals in Manila than in Iloilo Town.  Perhaps this is the final result of larger competitors.  Further, the affected person will expertise a level of buyer provider at a healthcare facility like Cardinal Santos that a person is not probably to discover in the provinces.  Provincial hospitals by their mother nature provide a vast array of individuals.  Hospitals like Cardinal Santos may perhaps provide varied patients but the aim is absolutely on the affluent.  It’s tricky to resist the allure of top rated solutions for lessen rates.  Of course it is inconvenient and to some degree high-priced to fly to and stay in Manila.  We use such outings as an prospect for a change of surroundings and shopping for all individuals matters we just can’t locate in the provinces.  We are happy for a couple times in Manila and delighted to return to our bucolic dwelling in Tigbauan.