Check airport’s safety capabilities

Check airport’s safety capabilities

A workforce from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) is analyzing the basic safety of  Mactan-Cebu Global Airport (MCIA).

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) will host a conference in Cebu following 12 months. This is why their Airport Safety Analysis Go to Method (ASEVP) team is inspecting the airport.

MCIA Typical Supervisor Nigel Paul Villarete stated that in the Philippines, it’s only Mactan-Cebu International Airport that has been issued with an aerodrome certification, an Aerodrome Certification under ICAO Annex 14. Villarete also stated that all airports dealing with global flights and intercontinental travellers should really have this ICAO certification.

Villarete also explained, “We’ve complied with all of the processes and we passed audit by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). Soon after anything else and having concluded our aerodrome handbook and protection administration programs, CAAP issued aerodrome certificate to us.”

Oups, CAAP is auditing and evaluating? That simply cannot be excellent …

And certainly, a week in the past a buddy of a buddy experienced been in transit in Cebu Mactan airport and he sent us these photographs and wrote:

MCIA safety
I had been sitting at the glass-front that separates the transfer lounge from the gate. Unintentionally I touched the glass with my knee and the door opened.
MCIA safety
I could have handed everything via the open door. I even could have slipped via, since no person did watch. I didn’t do a check, but this sort of safety holes made me considering during the flight home.

[Editor’s comment:] Remarkable! This airport has an ICAO Aerodrome Cerificate on behalf of CAAP. And they say, they are the only airport in the Philippines acquiring this certification. ICAO and FAA really should set the Philippines in Group 999 and the governing administration should really scrap CAAP.

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