Chinese Spammers and Hackers - beware!

Chinese Spammers and Hackers – beware!

Yesterday I experienced a definitely lousy working day. Right after quite a few months I did re-open the suggestions kind of the Silent Gardens site. I had to shut it before this yr since of significant spam abuse and hacker attacks.

Most of the spammers occur from mainland China. There one can do virtually practically nothing else than blocking the buggers. But just one is a French citizen. This one will have a lousy time in the near future. I just educated his Internet Support Supplier (ISP). The Chinese do not curiosity me. Only .12% of our site visitors appear from mainland China, so I simply lock access for some hundred countless numbers of PCs in PRoC.

For all those who know how to block: China United Community Communications Corporation Constrained 220.192.. – CHINANET FUJIAN PROVINCE Network 110.80.. – CHINANET FUJIAN PROVINCE Network 110.88.. –

The French spammer sits here:

French Spammer

It’s genuinely horrible this spam mail. But the worst is, that clever hackers can use your e-mail deal with to spam other people of your site. Why the Chinese are the most active ones is really weird. Also the content of their spam is strange. A sample:

Information: this get the job done will offer you the dept,process supplying self esteem with regards to PWGSC is lucrative it is jobs pertaining to purely natural natural environment quebec setting up long time period contracts. for the motive that wording, 20 dealings have presently been screened so compliance utilizing the the legislation. when formerly pointed out in advance of, the selection was in line with the five best wholly commited not even experienced bank loan agreements for each each and every gumption at the time of existing playing cards 31, 2010.
オンラインショップ 激安バッグ http://———————?tid=165

The ?tid=165 at the end of the url can make me consider that this is an affiliate software. The spammer may generate some cents for each simply click. Bad man! And of system, I do not publish the whole link  :mrgreen:


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