Cebu Collision Tracks

Collision Probe in Cebu Ferry Tragedy

The Marine Inquiry Hearing started out get started of this 7 days in Cebu Town. The two responsible captains accuse each individual other for getting been on the erroneous lane.

The captain of the sunken ferry, M/V Saint Thomas Aquinas, said: “On my radar, it appeared that the ship (Sulpicio Specific Siete) was occupying my lane. When the distance concerning the two ships was around 2.6 nautical miles, I experimented with to phone the other ship as a result of radio. We held calling her but there was no reaction.”

The captain of Sulpicio Specific Siete claims, it was the Saint Thomas Aquinas that was on the erroneous lane.

A 3rd captain who was in the waters off Cebu at the second of the collision confirmed that the outgoing Sulpicio employed the inbound lane, prompting his determination to overtake on its starboard (right aspect of the ship).

There appears to be to have been a radio interaction dilemma between the two ships.  Because of interferences in maritime conversation channel 16, the captain of the Saint Thomas Aquinas appears to be to have asked the Sulpicio Specific Siete to improve radio channel to channel 12. But by no means bought an respond to. This ask for has been confirmed by the captain of the third ship.

The tracks of each ships noticed on “” do not allow for any conclusion due to the fact they only clearly show the tracks but not the history. 

Cebu Collision Tracks

Latest ship positions and tracks are readily available here 

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