Computers in the Philippines

Computer systems in the Philippines
I am a huge fan of computer systems, getting been comprehensively hooked by the tech back in the times of the almighty TSR-80 and (my particular beloved) the Commodore 64.  At the time, it was generally for gaming reasons – commencing with uncomplicated DOS game titles (some of which we had to method ourselves) and shifting on to the Dungeons and Dragons “Gold Box” collection which fully turned my environment upside down and confirmed me the legitimate relationship among imagination and pc code.  Considering the fact that those times, digital gaming (no matter whether it be personal pcs, sport consoles or telephones and tablets) have grow to be the amount one resource of electronic entertainment in the globe (surpassing the number 1 source – movies and movie – about ten a long time in the past).

I nonetheless game – at some place I will do a weblog write-up on FarCry 3 and how it matches in with My Philippine Life – but nowadays, a large amount of the time I devote on the laptop is essentially perform time, which has taken some of the exciting and glamour off the knowledge.  And considering that aspect of my perform is developing movies (having said that badly developed they could be), I actually have to have a very good program in buy to method and encode them.   

The technique I brought more than to the Philippines is an ASUS G73JH Republic of Gamers, a really large gaming notebook with an I7 processor, 6 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD (gotta Adore SSD drives), and – most tellingly – an ATI 5870M committed video card.  It was made in 2012, and even even though it was a bit extended in the tooth, it was however an impressively powerful system.  The only caveat was the aforementioned 5870 card.  Laptops – as a rule – never “breathe” incredibly perfectly.  To conserve space, all of the parts are really much stuffed into as tiny a kind element as doable.  As a final result, they are likely to operate sizzling as opposed to desktop systems (or even laptops without having committed graphic playing cards).  To make a extended tale short (far too late), the warmth and humidity proved far too a lot for my snazzy ASUS and around the system of the 11 months I have been listed here,  the video clip card bit the dust, generating the laptop computer quite ineffective.  Alas…


Our broken ASUS with iPhone 4S for scale.  Too big!
Our broken ASUS with Apple iphone 4S for scale. Way too massive!

If you are just visiting the Philippines, I would advocate bringing in excess of one of all those lightweight small netbooks.  They are tiny, gentle and pack what you want in terms of standard computing.  They are also low-cost, so if it breaks or receives stolen, you are not out that much funds.  I had a netbook, but I identified the display screen to be too small, so I picked up an older Dell XPS M1330 that has a much larger monitor, a better processor and an SSD but is continue to light and straightforward to vacation close to with.


Our Dell XPS M1330 "backup" with iPhone 4S for scale.  Nice and portable!
Our Dell XPS M1330 “backup” with Iphone 4S for scale. Pleasant and transportable!


If you are shifting to the Philippines for a really prolonged continue to be (or retiring in this article forever), I highly propose forgoing the laptop and heading with a desktop process in its place.  You really do not have to BB a person more than here, as there are shops in big metropolitan areas that can basically assemble tailor made rigs for you at a really affordable value (about 15% a lot more than the value in the West)  and also present some community guidance.  We just bought a desktop technique from Ace Logic here in Dumaguete.  It’s a pretty first rate system (Antec circumstance, I5 4460, 8 GB RAM, 256 GH SDD, 500 GB High definition, and an ATI R9 270 online video card) and it established us back again about 34,000 pesos.  Our ASUS laptop made use of to idle about 65 Celsius (and strike 90 underneath load) although our very well ventilated desktop idles at 25 Celsius and operates about 50 below load.  That is a huge big difference, and due to the fact warmth is the enemy of personal computers, it really should (knock, knock) past us a superior lengthy time.  Becoming an open system, it is also a Good deal simpler to clean out and swap/upgrade parts as time goes on.  And with all the dust and floating burnt particles in the air right here, that is just yet another massive as well as.


Our new desktop - it glows!!
Our new desktop – it glows!!
21 inch LED with Sony Vegas - yep, another exciting video in the works....
21 inch LED with Sony Vegas – yep, an additional fascinating video clip in the works….



So, that is about it.  I hope I was able to provide some insight into computing in the Philippines.  We’ll be updating this put up with extra details as time goes on.

Just take care!

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