Concrete Madness in Camiguin

Concrete Insanity in Camiguin

For now above two a long time a huge building action can be observed in Camiguin. It is to be reported that Camiguin has the very best preserved roads of all the Visayan and Mindanao islands.

The circumferential road is in an outstanding state and is constantly preserved. At present 2 bridges in Mambajao are replaced by new types. All about the island, big rainwater trenches are constructed on the land-facet of the street. In some landslide inclined locations solid walls are created to defend the road.

But …

When we first frequented the Tuasan Falls in 2007, we could push with our motorbike a bit past Mainit. There we had to go away the motorcycle and experienced to observe two boys who showed us the trail as a result of a substantial and nearly pure rain-forest. The shorter trek was wonderful and lasted about 40 minutes.

Tuasan Falls Camiguin
After a bit perspiring a superb landscapes opened in advance of our eyes.

Tuasan Falls Camiguin

The all-natural pools filled with refreshing drinking water invited for a dip

Tuasan Falls Camiguin

And currently the very same spot seems like this.

Tuasan Falls CamiguinImage courtesy of Beate Reyes

The full forest is ruined about kilometers and the landscapes has missing all its fascination.  It is wonderful that men and women in a wheel-chair can now stop by this gorgeous waterfall, but a 4 ft large concrete keep track of would have been completely ample. But no, they manufactured a comprehensive size Barangay road.

And which is not all …

The access road to the Tuasan Falls is only a little part of the trans-insular freeway, linking Mambajao with Catarman. This highway winds up the mountains amongst Mount Hibok-Hibok volacano and the Tres-Marias mountains. The street culminates at 600 meters previously mentioned sea degree. This street is not a easy Farm-to-Market place street or a Barangay highway. No, it is a whole size highway!

At the entrance of the Tuasan Falls a parking large amount for many hundred automobiles had been created. On occupied days some 10 vans and jeepneys get dropped on this big concrete subject.

Tuasan Falls Camiguin

The worst …

The people who prepared and designed this road had no understanding in geology. And no geological analyzes had seriously been done right before perform begun. In the history of higher than picture a person can clearly see a single of the hills that is continually sliding down on the street. These landslides have already damaged and partly destroyed the road 3 periods. When continuing driving up in the mountains, one discovers 4 more landslides that have coated parts of the road.

Tuasan Falls Camiguin

This hill will go on sliding and will only stop when the whole hill is down!

Any junior geologist is familiar with that most volcanoes are not created of stable rocks. Mount Hibok-Hibok is a stratovolcano built of Hornblende andesite and dacite.

A stratovolcano, also known as a composite volcano, is a conical volcano constructed up by many levels (strata) of hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash. As opposed to defend volcanoes, stratovolcanoes are characterized by a steep profile and periodic explosive eruptions and effusive eruptions, although some have collapsed craters known as calderas. The lava flowing from stratovolcanoes commonly cools and hardens right before spreading much because of to superior viscosity. The magma forming this lava is usually felsic, having large-to-intermediate degrees of silica (as in rhyolite, dacite, or andesite), with lesser amounts of fewer-viscous mafic magma. Intensive felsic lava flows are unusual, but have traveled as significantly as 15 km (9.3 mi). Stratovolcanoes are in some cases called “composite volcanoes” due to the fact of their composite layered framework built up from sequential outpourings of eruptive components. They are among the the most common kinds of volcanoes, in distinction to the a lot less frequent protect volcanoes. (from Wikipedia)

On previously mentioned image the diverse unfastened levels of rocks, pebbles, sand and ashes are perfectly visible on the broken slope.

Tuasan Falls Camiguin

Examining the underground is highly-priced and wants time. But securing the slope at the Tuasan Falls is a lot extra expensive and virtually unattainable.


If this trans-insular road had been constructed as a Barangay street, then considerably less forest would have been destroyed. And no hills would have needed to be minimize. See the element of the highway that goes uphill from Mambajao. It is unquestionably enough and just about disappears in the landscape. The hundreds of hundreds of thousands of Pesos spent for this prestigious job could have been used substantially far better e.g. for education. This job is a earnings perpetuum cellular for the design company. Foolish issue: Who pays?

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