Affordable Seafood Feast in Boracay – a step-by-step guide

Cost-effective Seafood Feast in Boracay – a stage-by-move guidebook

When there are hundreds of places to eat in Boracay, you will get the finest seafood by acquiring it by yourself at the area industry and obtaining it cooked for you.  This may well look a difficult choice but it is not.  The Boracay soaked market place (talipapa) is a convenient, nicely-oiled cooperation involving the seafood suppliers of the talipapa and the dozens of cooking solutions which surround it.   If you have not been to the Boracay talipapa, you may perhaps be place off by the plan of a cooking provider.  These products and services do more than cook.  They are actually typical sit-down dining places other than that you convey your own seafood (or chicken or pork) to be cooked there.  The cooking company delivers all the other ingredients and requirements for dining, together with a menu of aspect dishes drinks and almost everything else you need for an satisfying feast.  The main benefit is that you your self will be able to select out extremely-fresh new seafood, have it cooked the way you want it and do all this at a portion of the expense charged at a deluxe resort cafe

Fresh grouper and other reef fish

Refreshing grouper and other reef fish

But, initially issues to start with.  How to get to the talipapa?  The talipapa market place adjoins D’Mall, Boracay’s main purchasing spot.  It can be achieved by using a footpath connecting the White Seaside trail with the Boracay Key Street (the street leading to the jetty port).  From White Seashore, watch for the D’Mall indication.  Walk as a result of the “mall” and view for the talipapa wet sector.  From Boracay Most important Highway, enjoy for the talipapa sign.

Talipapa sign on Boracay Main Road

Talipapa sign on Boracay Primary Highway

As soon as you uncover the wet market, your work is to choose on what you want to consume and discount with the sellers.  Generally you can cut price down the cost by among 25% to 50%. You are going to see that the price of lapu lapu (grouper) on the indicator previously mentioned is P650 per kilogram.  After bargaining, we paid out P350 per kilogram.

the wet market

The  Boracay talipapa damp sector


June 2013 seafood prices. These are retail prices, very open to negotiation.

June 2013 seafood charges. These are retail rates, very open up to negotiation.

June 2013 seafood prices. These are retail prices, very open to negotiation.

June 2013 seafood rates. These are retail charges, incredibly open to negotiation.

Don’t ignore that the market place is not only for seafood.  You also get chicken, pork, and beef as effectively as fruits and greens.  These can all be taken to the bordering cooking assistance of your option.  We purchased clean mangos for our dessert and our cooking support well prepared and served them to us at no charge.  See image down below.

The following step is to pick out your cooking services/cafe.  Here is a  cooking assistance menu to give an idea of the techniques that foods can be cooked and the rate for the support.  This specific cooking assistance billed extra for any further elements required for the cooking.  We desired our grouper cooked as sinigang — a sour soup favored by Filipinos.  This soup necessitates tomatoes and kang kong, a green vegetable.  We made a decision to examine other cooking expert services and chosen an additional simply because they bundled the components in the cooking services rate.

Cooking service price list

Cooking service rate list


Natalia’s Kusina Cooking Support.  Note the signal in Russian, reflecting the advancement of global tourism in Boracay.


Grouper sinigang. Al components but the fish and shrimp were provided by the cooking services

Grilled grouper

Grilled grouper


We preferred to have a vegetable with our evening meal.  This is kang kong (drinking water spinach) stir fried with garlic.


As noted above. we had purchased mangos at the talipapa marketplace.  We gave them to the cooking support and they organized them for us at no demand.  What a terrific dessert!  We were quite delighted with Natalia’s Kusina Cooking Support and really don’t hesitate to endorse them.

You should also note that we have been on a spending plan.  If you can manage it, you can feast on the more high-priced merchandise this sort of as lobster, crab and shrimp.  Whatever it is that you get, it will be extremely fresh and properly cooked.  We have a single warning about butter.  It’s probably to be margarine, not butter.  We requested if they employed authentic butter and the cooking support claimed it was.  It was not.  For quite a few Filipinos, margarine is butter.  For that rationale we’d recommend avoiding seafood cooked in butter except if you can tolerate margarine.  For us, margarine spoils the taste of the seafood.  And, really don’t ignore that, if you are on a spending plan you can have pork and rooster grilled.  It’s likely delicious!  Also see an additional excellent report on the Boracay Talipapa at Boracay Talipapa – extra data from Anna

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