Daily life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Joy in the Philippines, Element 1


A person of the great matters about residing in the Philippines is the chance to understand (or unlearn) issues about on your own.  Since I have been below, I have had a several epiphanies alongside the way – things that had been in fact fairly evident to any informal observer, but central to points that I couldn’t plainly see thanks to fracturing and imperfections on the lens by way of which I seen reality.  I won’t bore you with the details of people 1st types – I’ll just only relate the one particular that transpired this earlier 7 days.

Friday arrived together and my Pagadian Princess was off to Mindanao for a wedding ceremony/bachelor funeral.  I was quite psyched, wondering that it was heading to be a hedonistic weekend of partying, consuming to excess and dancing till dawn.  (Sad to say that strategy never ever essentially coalesced as I generally get up all around 4 AM to perform and I have to be in bed by 9 PM.  Durn bedtimes…..)   So, the initial evening home on your own, I just played Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in my boxer shorts and woofed down a bag of Sweet Mesquite Doritos.  Ah, the bachelor life…..    That second evening, nevertheless, I determined to go out and hit a community restobar – someplace that I hadn’t gone to prior to but experienced preferred to test out for a while.

Flip-Flops is a compact restobar that sits just across and down the street from Hypermart.  I had listened to it experienced rather superior music and first rate foods, so I decided to swing by and grace them with my presence.  I pulled in on my trusty 125cc steed close to 7:30 (an hour an a half til I convert into a pumpkin…) and presently the position was hopping.  It was your common layout for a restobar except for two matters:  The waitresses wore flashing LED nametags and the client demographic was decidedly………..previous – late seventies and early eighties – veritably decrapitated.  And while annoyingly bright, the flashing neon nametags I could dwell with, particularly becoming pinned to their uniforms where they were being.  What I couldn’t accept for the everyday living of me was the behavior of the geezer group that was gathered there – they were being hopping and jumping all in excess of the put, throwing their arms in the air, fist pumping, accomplishing the funky rooster and in essence partying like it was 1999.  Or – I imagined, privately relishing my inestimable wit – 1899. 

So, I’m consuming my cold San Miguel and ready on my fish and chips.  By this time, a couple of the aged dudes had really gotten on phase and – owning relieved the band singers of their microphones – ended up now belting out a instead more than the leading model of the Beatles “Obladi, Oblada,” you know, the one that goes “la la how the existence goes on…..”   The dancing is however heading on, as the hopping all around.  At any instant I am anticipating just one of these coots to do a backflip off the stage and crack a hip.

I’m aghast – mortified even.  Ashamed for my fellow expats due to the fact they are clearly far also senile and absent to be embarrassed for them selves.  Rolling my eyes, I go on to drink my consume and glance down my nose at the goings on.

Then – rather suddenly – it hits me.  It’ during the second refrain of “Obladi, Oblada” and just in advance of my fish and chips arrive:  A shit-feeding on grin has plastered by itself across my encounter, and I’m having it.

These guys are living the Existence.

If they had been again in the US (or France, or the United kingdom or Australia…), their households would have most possible now shipped them off to a nursing home (ahem, “residential care for the aged facility….”) and all they’d be hunting ahead to is the odd sport of backgammon, poor foodstuff and Saturday morning sing-alongs.  Here in the Philippines, they’re out and about and dwelling daily life on their individual phrases.  They really do not give a rat’s ass that some a little bit young dude is more than in the corner judging them – they are way too hectic having a very good time and acknowledging the comprehensive possible of lifetime to be concerned about these types of matters.





I take a sip of beer and realize it is not their shit that is so offending my sensibilities – it’s my have shit.

“Old folks” in the West are marginalized and ordinarily set out to pasture in their Winter a long time.  Their greatest days are found as nicely driving them, and the young individuals do not want to see them out and about – it causes them as well a great deal dread and stress and anxiety about their possess inevitable mortality. 

Below in the Philippines, it’s distinctive.  Aged men and women are afforded bigger respect and nursing homes really do not – outside the house of Manila – exist.  The elderly are still permitted their autonomy and self-path.  They can breathe…..

A handful of more sips of my beer. 

And then I imagine to myself, “With god’s grace (and a lot considerably less cigarettes and sisig), I hope I can have what they have someday…….”

Executing the funky rooster at 75 with my fingers in the air and not offering a hoot…….