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Daily life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pleasure in the Philippines, Portion 2
In the to start with element of this groundbreaking (yawn….) two-element series, I talked about my check out to Flip Flops restobar and the epiphany I had pertaining to previous age and partying (dwelling life) like it is 1999.  Like I claimed in that submit, one particular of the matters I seriously appreciate about living in the Philippines is the opportunity to discover matters about myself and – hopefully – turn out to be a superior guy.  At 47, I am just commencing to understand that it is a a great deal for a longer period system that I had earlier believed.

1 of the motives I did these two web site posts (and videos) was simply because of some of the damaging response that I had gotten in the Halloween movie, which (briefly) showed a couple of of the fellas with either unbuttoned shirts or shirts lacking fully.  A bunch of “thumbs downs” ensued as did a variety of quite unpleasant remarks.  I not often acquire comments down as I consider that all sides of an problem have to be examined in buy for folks to have a a lot more objective just take on items.  But in this case, they were being just terrible and didn’t lead to the dialogue at all. 

Fellas, the Philippines is a libertarian dreamscape.  As prolonged as you are not hurting anyone else, you can very do whatsoever you want to do.  Never want to use a helmet?  No challenge.  Despise putting on footwear?  Stroll about barefoot.  Wanna change your back again on 39 several years doing the job for NASA and start a pig farm?  Have at it!  The Philippines has laws – numerous guidelines – but they are not that properly enforced and except you are actively stabbing a person to demise in the street, everybody is very considerably going to depart you alone.  The Republic also appeals to a sure sorts of people individuals who have rather a lot spurned convention and conformity and are fundamentally dwelling to the conquer of their own drum.  Some may well call them loners, some others may phone them rugged individualists, a number of could possibly even get in touch with them just the wee bit slightest misanthropic at occasions.  Whatsoever you contact them, know this:  They don’t genuinely treatment what other people today assume about them.  They’re executing their issue, they are living their life and they are at ease sufficient in their very own skins not to get worried a lot about ruffling someone’s higher faultin sensibilities.  If you have witnessed the online video we did on Alaska Al – and I know a lot of you did due to the fact it’s a single of our most considered films (see it here) – you’ll see the epitome of what I am talking about:  A man who fundamentally rangered the wilds of Alaska as a trapper and information in the course of the early days of the Alaskan frontier and one that is now dwelling out his winter season yrs in a home and farm that he created with his possess arms, surrounded by the individuals he enjoys. 

I envy these fellas.  I am totally too self-conscious and make as well much more than what other’s assume of me.  But if I am at any time heading to really match into the fantastic metaphysical puzzle that is the Philippines, I’m going to have to figure out how to do it.  Perhaps that knowledge will appear with age – or possibly they’ll have a promo on it down at Lee Plaza future week.  Whatever and anytime it arrives, I’ll be most happy when it does.


Yeah, he doesn't actually live here....  but he should.
Yeah, he doesn’t essentially reside here…. but he really should.