Dam Levels critical in Luzon and Mindanao

Dam Stages essential in Luzon and Mindanao

The dam concentrations of the Angat Dam in Luzon and Lake Lanao and Pulangi River in Mindanao approach critical limitations.

Drinking water elevation of Angat Dam, the main source of domestic h2o for Metro Manila and irrigation requirements of Central Luzon farms, continues to recede and is now near to the 180 meter crucial level. On 05/07/2014 in the afternoon, the h2o degree stood at 181.89 meters and was receding roughly 31 centimeters a day. 

Angat Dam supplies 97 percent of the potable drinking water wants of Metro Manila

Through an El Niño period in July, 2010, Angat Dam achieved its most affordable degree at 157.76 meters that prompted authorities to briefly quit operations of the dam to protect its turbines from breakage. Now, if the day-to-day normal water degree drop continues, water elevation at Angat Dam will get to 176.30 meters this month, 169 meters by June, 161.60 meters by July, and 154.30 meters by August.

6 to 10 hour rotational brownouts in practically all main towns in Mindanao

Water in Lake Lanao and Pulangi River, Mindanao’s major resources of electrical electric power, had arrived at report-reduced amounts on Monday. Lake Lanao fell to 699.4 meters Monday, dangerously near to the essential level of 699.15 meters. Only 25 centimeters left!

The Pulangi River in Bukidnon, Mindanao’s second main supply of energy, has also virtually dried up forcing the National Electrical power Company (NPC) to shut down two of the a few turbines in the Pulangi hydropower advanced. Considering that Tuesday evening, Cagayan de Oro has  imposed a 7.5 hour every day rotational brownout throughout the town. 

An Easterly Wave could convey a quick aid

Weather 2014-05-07


See also our 24 hours satellite loops.

An approaching Easterly Wave, remaining now about Palau, may carry a brief aid this weekend. A stationary frontal method south of Taiwan may possibly disturb the Easterly Wave. The clouds could possibly not reach Luzon. The circumstance in Mindanao appears a bit better. The Easterly Wave might provide rain-clouds more than Bukidnon, in which they in all probability allow fall enough rain to fill Pulangi River a very little bit.

The substantial volcanic mountains of Camiguin provoke rain practically just about every night time. The rain falls only up in the mountains and on the increased slopes. The beach front-entrance is exceptionally dry now. Fortuitously the mountain sources bring adequate drinking water to the lowlands. The next rice harvest 2014 is virtually finish on the entire island.

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