Figure Skating - the new NAIA sport

Determine Skating – the new NAIA activity

Manila’s International Airport, NAIA, has made a new sort of activity: Figure Skating in the Sky. Because of to permanent deficiency of ability and non redundancy of devices at the nations very first airport, airlines free a great deal of time and cash.

NAIA Figure Skating

NAIA Figure Skating

The pilots and travellers of this Bombardier Global 5000 wanted a whole lot of tolerance yesterday afternoon. We noticed them between 3 and 4 p.m. on our FlightRadar24 monitor. Queueing up through 56 minutes right before landing on NAIA’s runway 06 costs a massive buck. This transpires each day.

Early morning flights are usually on time until eventually 10 a.m. Then the delays commence to climb. At 10:30 about 25% or each and every fourth flight is delayed. At 2 p.m. already 58% of the arriving flights and 51% of the departing flights are delayed.

Concerning 3:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. about 75% of all flights are delayed. Average hold off for landing plane is 47 minutes!

How a great deal?

operating cost per hour
The average 47 minutes of waiting around in the air above Manila cost you, the passenger, about 15 Dollars.

Never consider, that the airlines are paying for you. Their organization is currently a really hard a person and the Low Charge Carriers (LCC) compute not by Peso but by Centavo.

And extra entertaining this evening

Just one of today’s NOTAMs claims:

B2660/15 - MANILA DVOR MIA 114.4MHZ U/S Thanks SKED
PREVENTIVE MAINT. 01 OCT 17:00 2015 Until 01 OCT 19:00 2015. Created: 24 SEP
02:18 2015

Meaning that one particular of the most important navigation aids, the DVOR, is out of support concerning 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Why do they maintenance operate just all through the peak hrs?

If you are traveling from or to NAIA at this time, consider more than enough snacks and publications with you. You may have to have to have a great deal of patience. If you are on ground, then have a search at the condition late afternoon, early evening. Click on the distinctive aircraft approaching Manila. You then will see their flight track and their Determine Skating. If you simply click on the blue dot (airport marker), then you will see the lists of all flights and the delays. The picture below displays this desk from yesterday night.

NAIA Delays 2015-09-30@1938

NAIA Delays 2015-09-30@19:38

Our recommendation: Do not fly from/to Manila’s NAIA. Appear for other airports like Cebu, Kalibo, Clark, Puerto Princesa or Davao.

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