DU30 - 2016 Philippines Elections

Du30 – a hashtag runs elections

Du30 – and I wondered about the Tagalog spelling of “Thirty” – DUTIRTI. It isn’t Tagalog, it is Visayan and Cebuano. Let us talk about culture – we do not examine politics.

Foreigners experience some problems in the Philippines, when Pinoys and Pinays are talking presumed English language. My own important 3 complications experienced been intercourse, time, consonants and from time to time vowels.  I tried a lot of interpretations of “Du30”, but I could not uncover. 2dirty? – of course not, observe your pronunciation!. I am hard in politics of my house region, but I do not get associated in politics of my host state.

Intercourse and gender?

Tagalog, like other Austronesian languages, Tagalog is gender-neutral pronouns do not even have precise genders. Having said that, due to the fact Tagalog has experienced more than 3 generations of Spanish impact, gender is commonly differentiated in selected Spanish loanwords by way of the suffixes – case in point: Filipino/Filipina or Pinoy/Pinay. It is often humorous when people today around me mix up he and she.
A funny challenge occurs in this article in Camiguin in which the positions of governor and mayor of the money transformed. He or she – in any case they still sleep in the identical bed. I presume …


Filipinos and Filipinas reside in the presence and right here. “Gestalt” philosophers may possibly be quite joyful. But chatting to area individuals about ferry connections can be very difficult. Did the ferry previously depart or will it leave. When? Tomorrow possibly. Sometimes I have the sensation that time does not exist for Filipinos/Filipinas. They may be right. Considering that Einstein, time is just one more dimension. Today’s astrophysics and particle physics and quantum mechanics are questioning the existence of time. I like the Philippine expression of subsequent 12 months probably for hardly ever.

Consonants and Vowels

P, B, V and F? Exact point! Philippines, Pilipino or Filipinos are the very same. Visa and Bisa – are the essential approvals to enter the place. Visaya or Bisaya are the language spoken by the greater part of the region. Tagalog had been a political conclusion lots of many years ago. The E and I take pleasure in a amusing combine up considering the fact that the Yankees have been right here. Listen to de Ifugao up in the cordilleras, they pronounces vowels you have in no way listened to just before. Duterte = Dutirti? Not as well much for the Ifugaos…

Du30 ?

I believe with this brief introduction into sexual intercourse, time and pronunciation, you can fully grasp DU30? Can you?

Presumptive President

When you test Wikipedia, for “Presumptive President“, you uncover a good deal about US elections gossip and “presumptive nominee”. Presumptive President is an creation of the Philippine Mainstream Push. Trump and Clinton could possibly understand a good deal from the Philippines … will they do?


I am wanting curiously ahead to the formal end result, future month possibly ?
I grew to become also significantly Pilipino alike – will it be the past or the long run?

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