Keith Emerson - Moog

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Keith Emerson handed absent yesterday

Emerson, Lake & Palmer  have been a single of the most common and commercially profitable progressive rock bands in the 1970s. Their jazzy rock fashion was dominated by Keith Emerson’s flamboyant use of the Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer, and piano. at?v=89g1P_J40JA

I’ll never neglect the Isle of Wight Competition in August 1970. The whole island got lost in trance. Pay attention to the well known Moog synthesizer solo of Keith Emerson at the end of Lucky Person. Nevertheless superb following 46 years.

Not sufficient? ELP’s adaptation of classical tunes is wonderfully expressed in “The Barbarian”, an arrangement of the 1911 piano suite Allegro barbaro by Béla Bartok.

The include of “Tarkus” had been a fetish for me. I copied the photo on the wall of my bed room – and my dad and mom bought their very first grey hair ?

Tarkus by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Wikipedia has two fantastic article content about Emerson, Lake & Palmer and the Moog synthesizer.  This Moog synthesizer experienced truly been a large piece of electronics and still thoroughly analog.

Keith Emerson with his Moog synthesizer

 1970  2010
 Keith Emerson - Moog  Keith Emerson - Moog

Those people have been the times my friends …

Keith Emerson (1944 – 2016)

We regret to announce that Keith Emerson died previous night at his residence in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, aged 71. We request that the family’s privateness and grief be revered.

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