Enigmata Treehouse Eco Lodge

Enigmata Camiguin – all collectively versus Plastics

Yesterday we wrote about the hearth that wrecked the Enigmata Camiguin Treehouse. We promised a glimpse back again on their action. Listed here it is: All collectively from Plastics – 2009.

Enigmata Inventive Circle, Inc. was registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2004 as a non-profit volunteer corporation run by cultural employees and artists. Enigmata basically implies “to open your eyes” and “enter the journey inwards the imaginative circles of the mind.”

Enigmata Creativeness

One particular of the most unforgettable and most witnessed actions has been the “LUNHAW” in the centre of Mambajao on July 5, 2009. Months before a full block of buildings had been demolished. We read that it had been a concentrated motion towards squatters. In the final six (6) decades nothing was created in this place, but a “temporary” makeshift marked was set up in the meantime.

Quickly plastic trees and wall paintings appeared in the discipline of rubbles and ruins.

Enigmata Treehouse Eco Lodge

Incredibly early the Enigmata group did recognize the ecological affect of plastics. The very long lifespan of plastics make them harmful for sea and land lifestyle. Lots of of the chemical compounds employed in plastics are dangerous to any life.

Enigmata Treehouse Eco Lodge

A day’s harvest of plastic bottles disposed in mother nature!

Enigmata Treehouse Eco Lodge

A symbolic “back to nature” of the particles from the thorn down properties.

Enigmata Treehouse Eco Lodge

Up to now, no plants have developed in this discipline of particles. A current market was mounted.

Enigmata Site alive

After  a small interruption yesterday, the Enigmata internet site is again on-line. You may want to take a look at their photograph gallery with photos from the treehouse.

We wish you all the best and hope that you could rescue as significantly as achievable. And we with any luck , seem ahead to a new beginning.

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