Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC) Required for SRRV Holders?

Exit Clearance Certification (ECC) Needed for SRRV Holders?

Does a holder of a Philippine Particular Resident Retirement Visa (SRRV) have to get a an Philippine Exit Clearance Certification (ECC) right before currently being permitted to leave the Philippines?  The Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) has issued stricter procedures pertaining to the Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC) for people planning to depart the Philippines.


The intent of the ECC is to let time for a verify that people leaving the Philippines are not leaving to escape obligations, problems or sanctions they incurred whilst in the Philippines.   The ECC applies to most all foreigners who have not left the Philippines in the past 6 months.  Formerly, the ECC and the linked ECC fee could be compensated at the airport but that is no for a longer time true.  If you want an ECC you need to have to use in advance and programs, at existing, are only acknowledged at the Manila, Cebu and quite possibly Davao BI workplaces. In my case, I would have to fly to Manila and back to Iloilo to get my ECC prior to our future trip.  Reportedly, the BI is operating to permit extra BI places of work to issue ECCs.

This has prompted a lot problem among the expatriates in the Philippines. BI officers are required to deny departures to people who require and do not have a ECC. This extremely matter occurred to a close friend traveling from Manila to Guam.  He did not have an ECC.  BI refused to allow for him to board his flight.  He experienced to invest in a new ticket at complete cost the up coming day.

The new BI ECC procedures reveal that foreigners with a 13a visa who had not still left the Philippines in the very last 6 months are needed to get an ECC a few days in progress of their travels.  Some suggested me that the new ECC guidelines also used to SRRV holders.  However, the SRRV visa in my passport explicitly stated that SRRV holder are “exempted from the Exit Clearance and Re-entry Permit pursuant to Memo Order No. 118 of the Office of the President dates Oct 5, 1987”  Said buy can be observed at http://www.gov.ph/1987/10/05/memorandum-purchase-no-116-s-1987/

To be positive that we are nonetheless exempt from the ECC necessity, I phoned MS. MARCELINA T. CARBONEL
Administrative Officer V/Officer-in-Charge, Servicing Division of the PRA.  She stated that SRRV holders are exempt from the need to attain an ECC.

I lately traveled to Vietnam utilizing my SRRV.  There was no dilemma leaving or re-entering the Philippines.  The BI agent on my return questioned if I had my SRRV ID card.  I claimed certainly and started out to get it out of my wallet, but he explained to me not to bother, just to be certain to have it.  In actuality, the BI agent was pretty welcoming.  The Vietnamese staff of Cebu Pacific in Hanoi had been liable to be positive I experienced the proper documentation ahead of providing my boarding pass.  I really do not consider they experienced ever viewed an SRRV right before, but following head-scratching, and seeking at the SRRV visa in my passport and my SRRV ID card, gave me my boarding go.

The new ECC procedures are:

Who ought to apply for an Emigration Clearance Certification? ECC has two (2) forms, ECC –A (also referred to as typical ECC and ECC-B.

The next foreign nationals ought to protected an ECC-A prior to their departure:

Holders of Short term Visitor Visa (also referred to as vacationer visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for 6 (6) months or additional Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas Holders of legitimate Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for great Philippine-born international nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the initially time Holders of Short term Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or far more and has a duly accepted discharge from BI. ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the nation temporarily.

When ought to I use for an ECC?

A international nationwide may possibly use for an ECC at least 72 several hours prior to his/her departure from the Philippines.

Does the ECC have validity? Will I be equipped to use this numerous times? The ECC is valid for just one (1) month from the day of issue, however, you may perhaps only use this at the time irrespective of its validity.