Spending the afternoon at Kawasan Falls, Cebu Island

Expending the afternoon at Kawasan Falls, Cebu Island

When I took a ride up to Moalboal a while previous, I built a detour in to examine out Kawasan Falls.  The falls location is positioned near Badian in the barangay of Matutinao.  As is par for course for me by now, I was spacing out on the stunning landscapes alongside the western nationwide Cebu street and fully skipped the falls entrance.  Pulling more than, I asked a community in my terrible bisaya “Uh, asa dapit ang Kasawan Falls?” (Uh, exactly where is Kasawan Falls found?)   The handy Filipino received my again on program with a purse of the lips, and I headed back again a several miles south to obtain the entry road.

This is the method street to the falls – Quite wonderful!

The total area is run by a tiny hydroelectric dam.

It was a bit heat about then, so the effectively-shaded entry highway was a welcome aid.  Just a brief way in, the highway started to parallel a lovely blue-inexperienced river that turned out to be the outflow from the falls.  I pulled the bicycle about, took off my sneakers, and waded out into the stream to a nice rock to enjoy the great peace and peaceful of that isolated very little place.  When there, I pulled out my trusty GoPro and shot a quick online video on my initially 6 months in the Philippines.  It has actually come to be my most watched online video on Youtube:


Given that it was a weekday and university was back in session, I experienced the whole falls space mainly to myself.  There have been only two other little groups viewing that day, and we didn’t cross paths that often as Kawasan is spread out fairly a little bit.

In my view, the most endearing factor about Kawasan Falls is not basically the falls them selves but the unique shade of the h2o which is a light turquoise – one thing you would see just off the shore of a white sand beach.  This has to have a thing to do with the shade of the sediments, sand and rock that has been swept down from increased in the hills of the island.  Then all over again, I could be wrong  (and in all probability am)  – I ain’t no geologist and it could just be the coloration of the precise h2o alone.

The water is a lovely shade of turquoise – and very, incredibly cold!

Anyhoo, immediately after a small 1.5 KM stroll you get there at the to start with waterfall place.  Bordered by a hotel, the mild blue h2o rushes down from to separate falls.  Docked to the sides of the pool are two bamboo rafts, where, for 350 pesos, the attendant will row you so you can get a pleasant, refreshing pressure clean courtesy of the plunging drinking water.  I am too inexpensive for such touristy fancies, so I modified into my bathing go well with, slapped the digicam in its water resistant scenario and dived into the drinking water (like a vacationer).  It was cold – quite cold – but also pretty refreshing.  I swam out into the main falls and learned rather speedily that h2o falling from a great top instantly on my head truly hurts.  A lot.  I also floundered about a little bit as the falling h2o manufactured for some appealing present-day move in the further drinking water.  Possessing productively not drowned, I finally pulled my carcass out of the drinking water and rested on just one of the bamboo rafts like a big pinkish-white seal.

Practically drowning beneath the key falls – the smile was a grimace of soreness.

I then received adjusted and ventured up a somewhat steep path to the drop locations that lie at the rear of the main waterfall.  There had been a couple of locations exactly where you move some squatter nipa huts (whose families appreciated relatively stunning views) and there were being some other huts and rooms that you could hire for the night time.  All over again, getting the off time, the rental places have been vacant and only the personnel were around – most of them taking naps in the mid day heat.

I received a bunch of other footage, rested and breathed for a bit, and then headed again out to proceed on my way to Moalboal. 

Ye olde swimmin hole.

Pretty magical place….

Kawasan Falls is really stunning, and a shorter Google look for will come across it to be stated on quite a few websites as just one of the prime waterfalls in the globe.  Right away lodging are about 1500-3000 pesos, and there are also some cool resorts along the beach just outdoors the entrance to the falls area.  I genuinely appreciated it, and if you are at any time in the community, swing by – I imagine you will, too.