Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Move to the Philippines

Explanations Why You Shouldn’t Shift to the Philippines

In producing a determination to transfer to a overseas nation, 1 has to weigh both of those the pro’s and con’s.  Right here at myphilippinedreams, we check out to sustain objectivity and find the money for our viewers the data they need in considering to make these types of a go.  Toward that conclusion, let’s just take a appear at some of the reasons why anyone probably Shouldn’t transfer to the Philippines.

Professional medical Issues:  If you have a long-term affliction that demands constant medical supervision, the Philippines may not be for you.  Medications that are readily offered in the West can be out of inventory, or – if they are in stock – could possibly be incredibly costly.  Also, your Western health insurance plan will not typically deal with you in the Philippines.  If anything traumatic happens, you will be expected to protect the costs of any ensuing cure and medications.  Health care treatment is also usually not up to Western specifications – health practitioner visits usually do not include things like examining vitals and they not often just take any style of health-related background.



Philippines Private Hospital
Philippines Non-public Clinic



Philippines Public Hospital
Philippines General public Clinic


Warmth AND HUMIDITY: To say it’s scorching listed here, does it no authentic justice. This – by much – has been my most significant gripe with the Philippines.  At the time the sunshine will come up, the process of cooking and sizzling begins – and you don’t definitely start off cooling off (if you can connect with it that) until all over 4:30 PM.  Night time time temperatures in residences designed of concrete and metal are also higher – it may well be 80 levels outdoors at night, but in the house, it’s all around 84+.  If you are warmth delicate then, the Philippines (or any tropical state) could not be for you.


It's HOT, brother!
It is Hot, brother!


SOCIAL VACUUM:  If you are a social butterfly, you may well obtain trim pickings for enterprise right here in the Republic, particularly when you initially arrive.  Like something worthwhile, It is going to choose time (and work) to produce a new social community, and you could discover that the Westerners close to you are a pretty impartial large amount and not that extroverted.  You will make close friends over time, but like I mentioned, that initial interval of not realizing everyone can be a little bit disconcerting.

Natural DISASTERS:  The Philippines is in the Ring of Fire – Volcanoes, earthquakes, mudslides, floods and typhoons frequently hammer the nation, killing and displacing tens of hundreds of people today every single 12 months.  The total power of Mother Character is in impact listed here, and it is a heartless killer.  Even if individuals are not physically harmed by these occasions, they  might discover that the great household that they  used all that time and money on (alongside with all their possessions) is now a pile of crumbling rubble.




Criminal offense: Opportunistic criminal offense (burglaries, pickpockets, robberies) happens right here just like it comes about in all places in the earth.  Households here are commonly surrounded by razor-tipped concrete partitions and gates, and windows (and other factors of entry) are usually screened with metal bars.  Murders also manifest, with information of foreigners becoming targeted each 12 months.  Finally, there are also gangs (often masquerading underneath the banner of political extremism) that will kidnap foreigners for financial get. 

Annoyance:  Finding factors finished can be an exertion in futility at periods.  Actually, which is a little bit of an understatement – it normally happens additional frequently than not.  From hoping to obtain one thing in a retailer (“Sorry, sir – out of stock!”) to filing any style or paperwork, accomplishing missions in the Philippines can be a bit….. onerous.  So, in purchase to make it here extended term, 1 truly has to have the right frame of mind.  We essentially did a online video on the requirement of a positive perspective on our YouTube channel, and even though I test to function on it each and every day, it is often less complicated said than performed.   ?

Giant MONSTROUS CREATURES:  The Philippines has the document for the world’s major salt h2o crocodile (20 toes very long, 2,370 lbs) and python (23 feet extended, 633 pounds) – both of them a lot more than able of murdering you.  (Lolong, the croc, was actually captured right after a fisherman mysteriously disappeared.  The Republic also has large spiders (Huntsmen), humongous flying cockroaches, dengue and malaria-infused mosquitoes, killer hornets and a broad selection of homicidal  sea everyday living (sea snakes, hearth urchins, box jellyfish, and so forth. and many others..  Here’s a image of a Huntsman that I took just past evening in the toilet (sorry, CR) of Atong Kamalig cafe.   I confirmed it to Sara and some of the locals and all they reported was “gamay” – that’s “small” in bisaya.  Oh, expensive God…….


Female Huntsman in Bathroom (CR)
Feminine Huntsman in Bathroom (CR)


Lolong the Giant Crocodile
Lolong the Giant Crocodile


So, there is a couple of of the factors the Philippines might not be for you.  In my impression, the most significant boundaries to long-term living in the Republic are persistent professional medical problems and an incapacity to manage a good mind-set in the confront of the country’s intrinsic inefficiency.  I will include far more products more than time and preserve this record current.  If there is nearly anything you would like to increase, please truly feel free of charge to take note it in the feedback sections and I will transfer it to the article.


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