Flat Tires – It’s More Fun in the Philippines!!

Flat Tires – It’s Additional Pleasurable in the Philippines!!

My see although guarding the jack and jack stand.

Dang, it is scorching!!  Summer season has really arrived and nowadays it hit 92 levels Fahrenheit.  That and a great dab of humidity produced for a fairly extensive and lazy day.  But now it is 7 PM, and the aircon is buzzing, bringing down the temperature and earning my electronic doo dads a little more safe to use.


So I described last time I would inform you the tale about my flat tire.  It is an essential tale because it imparts two matters:  Just one, the worth of getting geared up for an emergency outside of a “First World” state and, next, how truly great individuals can be.


Alright, so I purchased a 1998 Mitsubishi Pajero a month or so back.  It’s in good condition but it arrived with a flat spare tire (burst, essentially, from the warmth and overpressure) and a questionable left rear tire.  The operator mentioned she was heading to change the spare, so I figured I would hold out to get it, and swap out the questionable tire (creating it the spare) with the substitution.  Wonderful plan but I forgot that men and women at times take their time in offering claims. 


So, 5 months later on, Sara’s sister Maricar is going to and they determine to acquire a day excursion up to Casaroaroa Falls up the mountain earlier Valencia.  Great, I’ll give them a journey, I figure, me becoming this sort of a gentleman and all.  So, we choose off and up in Valencia, I roll down the window and hear a click on-click on-simply click coming from the questionable tire.  I pull above and absolutely sure adequate, the tire is gouged and the belt is clicking towards the pavement.  I ship the females off on a habal-habal motorcycle taxi towards the waterfall and head down the mountain.  On the way, I hear it start out hissing.  Thankfully, I built it all the way down to the National Street before it went completely flat.


Fantastic.  Dead tire and no spare.  Woo – hoo.  I grab the lug wrench and the jack, and I quickly figure out that the lug wrench is the wrong sizing and the jack is rusted out.  Flat tire, no wrench, and a dead jack.  I know there is a Roberts Automobile Components tire shop nearby, so I flag down a trusty tricycle and we roar off to the store.  I get there and they want to offer me a tire, of program.  I don’t want a tire, I inform them, as I am ready for a vendor to give me a new just one.  Hmmmmmm…  They confer among on their own and recommend I get a utilized tire.  Awesome.  I hop on a further trike and find a applied tire for about 2000 pesos ($45).  I get it again to the shop and they explain to me it is no excellent and I acquired ripped off.  Just one of them beckons me on to the again of his scooter and we roar off – enormous 31-inch tire in my hand – back again to the tire store.  There, the mechanic rips into the shop proprietor a little bit and – surprise, surprise  – he fingers me again my funds. 


Cool, proper?  But it will get far better.


We get back again to the shop and the guys at Roberts Car Sections have a different palaver among by themselves.  Having evident pity on the very poor, sweaty (and thoroughly pathetic) American, they basically GIVE me a utilised tire.  Brilliant!!  Our merry band all leap on a motor scooter at the time all over again, and they shortly have the truck jacked up and the blown tire off.  Not seeking their equipment stolen why they are replacing the tire again at the shop, they have me sit by the truck to keep an eye on it.

It is warm.  Very, really scorching, and there is nowhere to sit but on the pavement.  Yeah, I feel the same way as you – it’s challenging to acquire pity on me when I was this kind of an unprepared moron. 

5 minutes passes less than the relenting solar, and a wizened aged Filipino drags a plastic chair out for me to sit on.  Pretty wonderful.  He nods his head, mumbles some thing and returns later with a chilly 8 ounce Coke (and a smile).




The men from Roberts return with the new made use of tire on the rim, mount it, and we all return to the shop where by I shell out the bill – a total whopping $16 US.




Wracked with guilt and far more than a tiny gratitude I give them all a good idea and tell them they have built a consumer for daily life.


It is correct – I went back again and received a new tire from them a few days later on.


So, two factors are seen in this tale: 


A person – Never go off into the not known with no spare and undesirable machines.  I am just glad we listened to the tire clicking and it didn’t go flat further up the mountain – there is no AAA or tow trucks all over right here.


Two – Individuals are amazing.  Robert’s Vehicle Pieces (the tire shop) billed me a nominal quantity for the “rescue” (which is what they truly phone it – which, in my case, was so quite apropos). 


Currently being an idiot and finding a flat tire:  It’s more enjoyable in the Philippines!!


Tomorrow I will set up the post on our trip up to Twin Lakes Park that Sara and I produced on Sunday.


This is how you tow a damaged down car round these elements.