Goodbye, probably for ever. I do not trust you.

Goodbye, probably for ever. I do not believe in you.

Fb – Goodbye. Zuckerberg does not have faith in me and I do not rely on him.

What has occurred?

Two times following the massive Cambridge Analytics Scandal went general public, I gained a mail from Facebook. Fb wrote:


We talk to everybody on Facebook to use the name they go by in day to day life—what their pals contact them. You can hold your current identify if it is the name you are acknowledged by. Otherwise, we’ll talk to you to edit it.

Be sure to evaluation your identify someday in the up coming 7 times. After that, you will not be equipped to log again into Fb until eventually you update your title.

Is Renato Sa Camiguin the title you use in day to day existence?

Remember to keep in mind that Fb profiles are for private, non-professional use and depict specific men and women. If your profile represents an organization, business, manufacturer or strategy, please allow us know and we can support you create a Page centered on your profile.

I tried out to make contact with them. To notify them that Renato sa Camiguin is my pen-name. A lot of writers do not use their genuine title for some safety. There is also a large chance of spam floods. I also experienced enormous hacker attacks on two of my sites. On one particular I experienced to shutdown the feedback and inquiry sort.

There is no probability to contact fb and to reveal why I use pen-name. There are only rigid straight ahead kinds. If you do not fill them in as facebook wishes, you are sent back a site.

I developed a really huge mouthed submit on fb. But a single never ever is familiar with what will be in some a long time:

Facebook - GoodbyeThere had been a lot of reactions from mates. True good friends!

The Cambridge Analytics Scandal

The believe in breach had presently been out at that time. If you want to know extra find content articles about “Cambridge Analytics” in the push or on Online. I just waited to browse fb and especially Zuckerberg describing their issue of view. Does this organization and their boss actually imagine that we are all sheep or rhinoceros? Greetings from Eugène Jonesco!

For all those who did not go through Zuckerberg’s fairy tales, I have stored a PDF file. Click on herefor facebook fairy tales

I very first did insert the total text, but this post became unreadable and my digestion began to revolt.  So remember to locate here right after some of the most controversial extracts.

The Zuckerberg Protection

“We have a accountability to secure your data, and if we cannot then we never have earned to serve you.”
A little little bit sugar to start out!

“In 2007, we launched the Fb System with the eyesight that more apps need to be social.”
No you revealed fb, simply because you observed the likely of creating huge money by amassing big info.

“In 2013, a Cambridge College researcher named Aleksandr Kogan made a persona quiz application. It was mounted by close to 300,000 individuals (…)”
That’s the app Zuckerberg simply cannot deny. What are all the other major knowledge apps on fb? Zuckerberg nonetheless hides them.

“In 2014, to prevent abusive applications, we announced that we were being switching the full platform to significantly limit the facts apps could entry.”
Proof be sure to! However currently a lot of apps and specifically fb by itself collects knowledge the ordinary user simply cannot consider.

“In 2015, we figured out from journalists at The Guardian that Kogan had shared data from his app with Cambridge Analytica. It is from our guidelines for builders to share data with out people’s consent, so we quickly banned Kogan’s app from our platform, and demanded that Kogan and Cambridge Analytica formally certify that they had deleted all improperly acquired knowledge. They delivered these certifications.”
Oh, I browse just above that you had been currently shifting your platform significantly in 2014.  Where by is the reality?

“Last week, we discovered from The Guardian, The New York Instances and Channel 4 that Cambridge Analytica might not have deleted the facts as they experienced licensed.”
What a lousy CEO, what a stupid COO who can’t command their company in this sort of crucial matters. Any other highly regarded corporation would have now fired both of you.

And here it will come …

“First, we will look into all applications that had obtain to huge quantities of facts prior to we altered our system to radically minimize details accessibility in 2014, and we will perform a entire audit of any application with suspicious exercise. We will ban any developer from our system that does not agree to a thorough audit. And if we discover developers that misused personally identifiable information, we will ban them and convey to absolutely everyone influenced by individuals apps. That involves folks whose details Kogan misused below as properly.”
And specifically at that second your crew menaces me to block my account, if I do not give away my true identify. Who demands a psychoanalyst? You or me?

“Beyond the techniques we had already taken in 2014, I imagine these are the upcoming methods we will have to get to continue on to secure our platform.”
Alright, I can wait around! In the last 4 several years you were being unable. I hope to see you yet again in 2022, maybe.

Facebook – Goodbye!

Goodbye Mr. Zuckerberg! May possibly I depart a past advice, ahead of I shut my account?
In December 2015, Fb CEO and new father Mark Zuckerberg penned a heartfelt letter to his new child child lady, Max. As element of an on-likely initiative with his spouse, Priscilla Chan, the two pledged to donate 99 percent of their latest Facebook shares — all around $45 billion in total — to charity.
The transfer is not astonishing specified that 5 a long time back Zuckerberg signed the “Giving Pledge” — alongside with other tech billionaires this kind of as Monthly bill Gates — to give away the the vast majority of his wealth.

Might I request you to do this now. Due to the fact tomorrow or future week, it could be as well late.  Really don’t make the inadequate and the under privileged loosing for the reason that of your incapability to handle your business.

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