Yellow Fin Tuna

Habagat – Yellowfin Tuna and Gaisano

What have Habagat, Yellowfin Tuna and Gaisano to do in one headline. The solution is straightforward: They are again in Camiguin or will come shortly.


Habagat is the south-west monsoon so extensive awaited listed here in in Camiguin. Habagat lasts commonly from finish of Could or start out of June until finally finish of Oct. Habagat is significantly additional humid than its antagonist, Amihan, which blows all through the winter season months from north-east. Habagat blows from the Indian ocean where their air receives loaded with humidity. Amihan is somewhat a continental wind from China.

This 12 months experienced been extremely dry. The draught in the southern Philippines lasted for at leas 3 months. In some locations, like Zamboanga, they experienced no rainfall during practically 6 months. Habagat introduced now back again the fantastic Camiguin temperature. Sunshine during the day and regular thunderstorms and rain showers in the night or in the early morning. From time to time we even come across equally.

Character is now genuinely exploding. Bushes like hibiscus are developing at a fee of up to 1.5 meters for every 7 days. Fruit vegetation (e.g. Mango) are total of large fruits.

And lastly we get our beach again. The north-jap recent is each individual year carrying millions of tons of our sand away to deposit it some hundreds of meters from our put. This year’s least beach front width is 25 meters only. The south-western current will now convey again all this sand and we anticipate to have a 120 m broad seashore by mid of Oct.

Habagat Beach 2016-05-28 Habagat Beach 2016-05-28

Yellowfin Tuna

With the switching wind and present the YellowfinTuna also came back into our waters. Our fisherman are pretty happy and have all hands entire of operate. Our neighbours brought in 3 alternatively big fish yesterday early morning. It wanted 4 robust gentlemen to get one fish out of the modest boat. So contemporary and from a so clean sea, we adore to try to eat this delectable fish uncooked in type of Sashimi or Kinilaw. The term “kinilaw” is derived from the Visayan term “kilaw” which signifies “eaten fresh”. The fishermen back again then (and even until now) would fillet their contemporary catch and would just deep it in sea water before eating it (now that is contemporary!). And not only fishermen do it – me much too! ?

Tuna Sashimi Tuna Kinilaw
Sashimi Kinilaw

The yellowfin tuna is between the much larger tuna species, reaching weights above 180 kg (400 lb), but is significantly lesser than the Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas, which can get to about 450 kg (990 lb). The 2nd dorsal fin and the anal fin, as well as the finlets concerning people fins and the tail, are dazzling yellow, offering this fish its typical name. The second dorsal and anal fins can be incredibly extensive in experienced specimens, reaching virtually as significantly back again as the tail. The pectoral fins are also for a longer time than the linked bluefin tuna, but not as lengthy as all those of the albacore. The main body is a extremely dark metallic blue, altering to silver on the stomach, which has about 20 vertical strains.

Yellowfin TunaThis image and the title photograph are from Bradford Martin. We strongly advise to take a look at his internet site and image galleries.


8 (8) years in the past, 3 blocks of houses and buildings have been demolished at Reyes Avenue. In the course of 8 only 2 of the 3 plenty were being made use of for new properties. 1st experienced been the Landbank creating some 2 or 3 a long time back. Then in spring this yr Mercury medicine designed a department just aside the market. And now on the largest large amount the building of a Gaisano grocery store or mall is starting.

Future Gaisano Future Gaisano
2008-12-13 2016-06-05

We do not know which Gaisano is coming. If you check Gaisano at Wikipedia, you can see that there are 7 unique Gaisanos. Most of them are linked. The building area is involving 2,100 and 3,800 sq. meters. Present-day no cost place is only 2,100 m2 but if extra buildings are demolished, then up to 3,800 m2 would be available. For comparison Gaisano in Puerto has a surface area of 3,900 m2 without the need of the parking ton. Gaisano in Malaybalay City has a sizing of approx. 6,400 m2. We maintain listening to the signals of the Camiguin “Bush drums”. One factor is certain, this Gaisano will transform several issues in Mambajao and on Camiguin island.

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