Hacked and abused

Hacked and abused

Our internet site had been hacked and abused. A hacker from the Ukraine uncovered a back-doorway in our spam security. He got inside of and utilized our server to send out spam messages.

The very same hacker would seem to have knowledgeable other “black-hats”. We could discover traces going again to Estonia, Sweden and Germany. The injected code sent mails no one needs – mails main to Viagra and Cialis sites.

Thankfully our web-site web hosting company in Geneva (Switzerland) had been vigilant as they usually are. They observed that the communications profile of silent-gardens.com differed considerably from our normal interaction usage. Soon after 24 several hours, the hosting team place the site off-line and informed me.

Black Hat Hacker

A “Black Hat Hacker” is a felony who tries to get inside computers and other electronics products for the only reason to make revenue or to destroy. A “White Hat Hacker” does the exact same, but his intention is to detect failures, weak details and other layout and programming problems. He then informs the neighborhood and/or the manufacturer of the defective piece of hardware or computer software.

In involving these two extremes one can find the “Grey Hats”. These are typically political, cultural or ideological activists. They try out to diffuse their ideas and ideology by way of captured personal computers. At this quite second, the Thai military govt fights towards these “Grey Hats” which infiltrate most of the social medias and hack federal government sites. “The political battlefield is no extended confined to the streets of Bangkok. It is moved into cyberspace,” mentioned a govt official. “This is the electrical power of social media.”

* * *

All through the final 4 days we fortified our web-site and our web site. Of course, we do not inform you, what we have completed. This would be far too appealing for the hackers amongst our readers. but we have set some nice honey-pots among our files to capture the bad fellas. And one particular new stability item you can test by sending a comment to this article. Consider it!  

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