CAUTION: Cancellations of PAL Flights

Have you packed your luggage, Mr. Andrews?

Final year, CAAP deputy director general, John Andrews, stated that he would “resign” need to the FAA improve to “Category 1” not occur to go by the close of 2013.

“If this does not take place prior to the close of the year, I will no for a longer time be in this article. That is my commitment,” which is the entire quote! Now we are February 6, 2014 and actuality is:

  1. Mr.  John Andrews is still CAAP deputy director typical.
  2. The FAA just finished its audit on, January 24, and but, we have not found or listened to any cheers! If we experienced passed, then there would have been a PR orgy, weren’t it?
  3. Insiders have heard that there was however a “left-over” of  “only” 14 “deficiencies” that the CAAP,  have unsuccessful to handle and correct. Are these 14 “deficiencies” the reason why the FAA is coming again once more in March?

Dear Mr. John Andrews, listed here is a listing of possible new businesses, they are in the exact club as the Philippines:
– Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
– Republic of Angola
– Republic of Benin
– Republic of Congo
– Djibouti
– Equatorial Guinea

– Swaziland
– Zambia

For your usefulness, the total checklist is available listed here.

That was for Mr. John Andrews.

And now for Lt. Gen. William K. Hotchkiss III:
Devoid of any additional problem you may perhaps continue on to say: “If I could I would, but I just can’t, so I shan’t” 

CAAP failed again?&#13

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