Hawksbill Sea Turtles in Camiguin

Hawksbill Sea Turtles in Camiguin

Viewed as by a lot of to be the most attractive  sea turtle for their colourful shells, the Hawksbill is identified in tropical waters about the globe. They invest their time in coral reefs, rocky spots, lagoons, oceanic islands, and shallow coastal spots.

Hawksbill sea turtle
Image courtesy of PIA

Named for its narrow head and sharp, fowl-like beak, Hawksbills can attain into cracks and crevices of coral reefs hunting for food stuff. Their eating plan is very specialized, feeding just about solely on sponges. One of the smaller turtles, older people weigh concerning 45 – 90 kg  and achieve 50 centimeters to 1 meter  in length.

Hawksbills are thought of Critically Endangered close to the globe by the IUCN Red Record.

In Camiguin the undisturbed beach locations of Barangay Baylao and Kuguita near Mambajao city are now the new uncovered haven of the Hawksbill sea turtles. Although this turtle lives part of its lifetime in the open up ocean, it spends a lot more time in shallow lagoons and corals, a vulnerability that pushes the community authorities, to have an affect on a solid conservation method on the essential habitat.

Hawksbill sea turtle


Very last February 15, the area executives have released the initial batch of new hatchlings to the sea in the shoreline of Baylao. Some 63 little one turtles have been released.  The area authorities has also released a marketing campaign to educate the locals and turn into lively companions in preserving the specie, generally traded by fishermen for attractive uses.

Mantigue Island

Meanwhile, yet another brilliant selection for people who required to see and swim with the turtles is the guarded maritime sanctuary in Mantigue Island (section of Mahinog town), where turtles playfully swim with the individuals close to.

[Editor’s comment:] Yrs back, when I continue to lived in a little cottage on the sea shore in Bolok-Bolok, Mambajao, I achieved these a turtle. One particular evening, sitting on the veranda, I observed anything huge coming out of the sea. With a odd sensation in the stomach I approached this massive darkish matter and observed it to be a sea turtle. Regretably I went to in close proximity to the animal, so the turtle decided to go to a “less crowded beach”. Considering that then I have observed those people turtles many situations on Mantigue Island. All you want is snorkeling gear and float quietly on the drinking water. With a little bit luck you will fulfill one of these superb creatures.

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