Hitting the Weights at World Fitness, Dumaguete

Hitting the Weights at Planet Physical fitness, Dumaguete

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I have been a rather avid health and fitness center guy for over 20 yrs.  When I was 18 I was a somewhat waifish 160 lbs . and, soon after signing up for the army, I started out hitting the health club in order to set on some dimensions.  From there it went to powerlifting, but now that I am 46, I generally just go 4-5 instances a 7 days to keep some semblance of latter-life muscle tone.  Two several years back, I was 250 pounds.  I had a head injuries with ensuing vertigo about then and missing 50 kilos as a consequence, most of it fats.  Regrettably, considering that coming the Philippines, I have shed about a different 10 kilos, most of it staying muscle mass.  Unfortunate, but that’s everyday living.  I feel it’s due to the warmth, humidity, and my inability to cook dinner, all of which add to a significantly less than ideal motivational/nutritional practices.



Some of the cardio machines.



One particular of the personnel creating me truly feel weak and worthless……



Free of charge pounds benches.


Nautilus and Common equipment



That explained, I must also say that there are  some extremely wonderful fitness centers here in the Philippines, so I just can’t use that as an excuse.  ?   The health club I belong to is Planet Health and fitness which is located in the Portal West setting up in this article in Dumaguete.  It has a quite reliable array of free weights, Nautilus and Universal machines and also has a good choice of cardio devices (treadmills, rowing machines, and the like).  There is also a dancercise course in the morning and martial art classes.


The complete health and fitness center is also air conditioned, which for me was a key requisite.  It’s Unbelievably  hot and humid listed here (especially for a wimpy New Englander like me) and the aircon keeps me (largely) from collapsing into a sweaty, sniveling ball halfway into my exercise session.


Challenging Filipina…..



The workers at Planet Physical fitness is their greatest asset, however.  The Filipinos and Filipinas that operate there are all incredibly welcoming and provide regularly strong tips and aid.  Personalized teaching is also available.  And for those of you who believe Filipinos are all compact and skinny, assume yet again.  A handful of of the fellas that work here are huge and swiftly blow that stereotype out of the h2o.


Manager Joel Silot on correct and two other staff members.


Dance is massive in the Philippines.



I am hoping to get my diet regime again in some sort of shape – more veggies and lean meats and a lot less carrenderia food stuff, which tends to be loaded with carbs and fats.  And I also have to understand that I am having older and can not throw all-around the weights that I used to.  Possibly leaner and lighter is really best – I believe I’ll give it a shot.


Hitting the gym – It’s far more entertaining in the Philippines!