The Biebs....

Incurring the Wrath of the Filipino Collective Consciousness….

What do Clare Danes, Teri Hatcher, Justin Bieber, Dan Brown and the Beatles Have in Frequent?


Remedy: They’ve all incurred the wrath of the Filipino collective conscious…

I have been doing really a bit of investigate and conversing to Filipinos about some features of their cultural id, especially that of hiya (“embarrassment/shame”), amor propio (“love of self”) and utang na loob (“debt of inside/inside debt”).  Although undertaking this, I simply cannot support but discover that Filipinos feel to be a bit delicate when it comes to particular matters, specially undertaking or indicating everything that can be seen as an insult not only to an particular person Filipino, but – to an even higher extent –  saying just about anything perceived as a slight versus the nation and its folks as a complete. 

Right before I get into amor propio and hiya, let us consider a search at some of the a lot more extraordinary examples of what occurs when these principles are violated by outsiders.  All of these are examples of foreigners who have been publicly condemned and/or banned from the state because of to destructive remarks they created about the Philippines.  Here’s some illustrations from past many years:

Claire Danes established really the stir back in 1998 when taking pictures “Brokedown Palace” in Manila.  Danes publicly said that she identified the King City of the Philippines “ghastly and weird” and “ smelled of cockroaches with rats all around.”  The federal government was mortified by these statements and her films were banned in the country and they later went on to declare her “persona non grata.”  Then-President Joseph Estrada (an actor himself) individually received included with drama by stating “She ought to not be permitted to arrive in this article.  She really should not even be allowed to set foot below.”  Her public apology for all those opinions fell on deaf ears, and she was never to return to the Republic all over again.


Poor Clare....
Lousy Clare….


The Beatles – yep, people The Beatles –  brought disgrace on the Philippines when they declined an invitation to dine with the then-Very first Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos (she of the Numerous-Sneakers fame….) way back again in 1966.  Bomb and demise threats soon followed, the youthful, mop-headed musicians experienced their safety, lodge and “roadie” gigs pulled, and they have been pressured to have their have instruments to the airport.  Alongside the way, they ended up assaulted by a several hundred angry Filipinos. 


Beatles leaving Manila airport....
Beatles leaving Manila airport….


Justin Bieber – Talking of mop-headed youth, the intercontinental singing sensation stirred it up in 2012 when he had the audacity to Instagram some Photoshop-jibes at Manny Paquioa just after he lost a boxing match to Juan Miguel Marquez.    Congressional indignation flared and 7 Filipino lawmakers filed a resolution demanding that the diminutive singing star make a general public apology or face currently being declared “persona non grata.”  The Filipino men and women were not pleased, and about a 100 million extra men and women joined the ranks of People Who Detest Justin Bieber.   Paquioa – on the other hand – was a bit more forgiving, stating that he would pray for Bieber.  Lastly, following being declared the aforementioned “persona non grata,” Bieber staged a press convention in which he tearfully expressed his regret for building enjoyment of the Filipino boxer’s reduction to Marquez.


The Biebs....
The Biebs….


Teri Hatcher – The charming actress incurred the wrath of the Philippines authorities through the “Desperate Housewives” premiere episode back in 2007.  Throughout that episode, Hatcher declares throughout a gynecological consultation, “Can I examine all those diplomas, because I want to make absolutely sure that they are not from some med faculty in the Philippines……”  The spokesperson for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Government Secretary to the Philippines Eduardo R. Ermita said “On the confront, we can glance at it as a racial slur.  We are looked down upon too much, taking into consideration the amount of our clinical pros in the U.S.”  He also termed out for the guidance of Filipino’s in the States to “call the attention” of the Determined Wives’ creation staff (and Hatcher in certain) to the “racial slur.”  The producers and Hatcher later issued a general public apology and the scene was edited out of the future syndicated showings of the sequence premiere. 


Teri Hatcher
Teri Hatcher


Dan Brown – In his novel, Inferno, the protagonist describes Manila as the “gates to hell.”  When all over again, the federal government leapt to action with a member of the President’s Cupboard, Francis Tolentino, wrote a letter to Brown stating that he had it all incorrect, and that Manila would be superior served remaining described as an “entry to heaven.”  Filipinos also blew up above social media more than that slight, with Facebook and Twitter postings decrying this declarative blow to the national consciousness


The gates of hell...
The gates of hell…


And finally…..

Jimmy Sieczka or, as he is far more generally referred to, “The 20 Factors I Dislike About the Philippines Man.”  Jimmy made really a stir again in 2012 when he posted a video about 20 matters that he did not like about the Philippines that later on went viral.  And when most of the items he pointed out in the video clip are essentially real, the tone and way in which he recounted them made a critical backlash from Filipino viewers.  How severe, you request?  Serious plenty of for him to be declared “persona non grata” by the Cebu Town council.  You can see the online video that he and his spouse put alongside one another below – I would give the YouTube website link, but it appears to be that they (or he) have pulled it down from that website.


Jimmy Sieczka
Jimmy Sieczka


So, as you can see, there is a little bit of sensitivity in the Filipino collective consciousness that outcomes in somewhat major responses to detrimental feedback produced about the place by non-Filipinos.  Also maintain in brain the defamation rules in the Philippines, in which a man or woman can be productively civilly sued for creating negative opinions about yet another person, agency or company even if those people remarks are 100 p.c legitimate! 

As we keep on to see, factors are various in this article in the Philippines.  And if you are planning on being for any duration of interval, it is a great strategy to try to comprehend and arrive to terms with some of these variations.

Since in the long run, no one particular needs to be declared “persona non grata,” proper?