Inverter Air Conditioners – we give up on inverters and on Samsung

Inverter Air Conditioners – we give up on inverters and on Samsung

Inverter air conditioning units may be a negative decision for quite a few in the Philippines and other tropical locations, but you won’t listen to that from air conditioning salesperson or in the glowing adverts for them.
Inverter units are really promoted, price a wonderful deal additional than conventional models, but supposedly preserve ample dollars to quickly repay the added cost in months. There are a selection of troubles with this rosy check out of inverter air conditioners.

Our Samsung Inverter. Energy efficient but prone to costly repairs.

Our Samsung Inverter. Electricity efficient but vulnerable to expensive repairs.

Inverter units use state-of-the-art technologies involving much more electronics, bigger refrigerant pressures, greater voltages and more complexity. A common air conditioning unit runs fairly considerably like a refrigerator. When cooling is wanted, the uncomplicated AC present compressor runs until eventually the place is great and then shuts off, recycling as necessary to interesting the room. It’s not abnormal for regular models to operate a ten years or extra with only routine cleansing. Alternating current is what you get from your wall shops.
Inverter air conditioners use compressors jogging on DC present-day. The DC compressors don’t cycle on and off, they are able to just slow down as the space is great and speed up if far more cooling is required. Conventional compressors use more electricity when cycling on and off, inverter units really don’t. An oversize standard device is the worst preference, as it has to cycle off and on usually. An undersized typical device can operate more constantly and can actually be extra successful than an inverter unit. The inverter units use further energy to transform the energy source from AC to DC.

Typical advertisement for an inverter air conditioner.

Regular advertisement for an inverter air conditioner.

The funds preserving scenarios introduced in the inverter brochures must not be taken at face worth. One brochure in entrance of us statements 50% financial savings for the inverter unit. It compares a regular 1.5HP device to a 1.5HP inverter. It assumes a space region of 16.5 meters. This is the first difficulty. We feel a 1.5HP regular unit is too significant for a 16.6 sq meter place. A 1HP regular unit would operate much more proficiently than a 1.5HP common unit and perhaps as competently the bigger inverter unit.
But the filthy solution about with inverter models in the Philippines and other tropical spots is enhanced repair service expenses and diminished longevity. Typical air conditioners usually run for a long time. Our 1.5HP Samsung inverter is just shy of five several years old. So far it has blown out two major circuit boards for the reason that lizards crept into the high energy most important circuit board in the out of doors device. This incinerated the weak lizard and the circuit board. Every board price P7,000 ($155) to change. In other cases ants and mice have blown boards. If you are living near the ocean, salt air can corrode the boards. This is a wide distribute problem that you are not likely to master about from the salesmen, but request the services staff, and you are going to get the true tale.

Traditional air conditioners do not have these substantial energy, lizard electrocuting, self-destructing boards.  We had a pay a visit to from a close friend from Australia.  They have accurately the very same problems with geckos shorting out inverter models.  We have also read similar reviews from Thailand.  The Australian buddy concluded that inverter models are just not acceptable for use there.  We have come to sense the identical way with regards to rural or suburban regions in the Philippines.  Non-inverter models are no for a longer time offered in Australia because of to government rules intended to preserve electrical energy.  It’s our knowledge that governments and utility firms like inverter units mainly because their electric power usage is far more even, whereas traditional models impose considerable masses when the compressor cycles on.  Any electrical motor makes use of a great deal much more recent to start out up than it does when it is managing.  That’s why an undersized conventional unit uses significantly less energy.  It mostly is functioning relatively than cycling on and off.   Common models are still sold in the Philippines.

A small lizard destroyed this $160 Samsung circuit board - TWICE

A tiny lizard wrecked this $160 Samsung circuit board – 2 times

In the meantime the traditional Samsung 1HP device we mounted in our guest bedroom purrs alongside with no repairs at all. The Samsung Inverter price P11,000 additional than the conventional unit, repairs to the inverter device (so far) P14,000.
So, in our perspective you fork out considerably more for the inverter when you get it, it may or may possibly not use less electrical power but these cost savings are offset by high restore expenditures.
Producers are informed of these circuit board issues. We have browse that Panasonic and Mitsubishi Weighty Industries are silicone coating their exterior circuit boards. It’s possible this will help. Time will inform.
Now if you are living in a place with no lizards, mice and ants, it’s possible the 20th floor of a Makati rental, an inverter could be the finest decision. In actuality inverters may perhaps be a good selection in lots of urban areas. If pricey repairs are not required, they can conserve income. If you reside in a suburban or rural place with some greenery, consider two times just before picking out an inverter device. You read it here. You are going to never ever hear it from a salesperson.
Listed here is the viewpoint of just one recycler of air conditioning units on inverter air conditioners. Video about inverter air conditioners  There is also several accounts and viewpoints on the Whirlpool Boards discussion board. Shelling out some time in these boards will give you a perception of the difficulties normal buyers have with their air conditioning units.

Whilst the salesmen and manufacturers promote inverter models and fall short to explain to the buyer about the problems, do not hassle to talk to them to repair the units beneath warranty immediately after the initially yr.  Your gecko difficulty is your gecko issue and you pay out for repairs.  In other phrases, you ended up a idiot to obtain these kinds of a device in an region populated by geckos.  That is basically what Samsung has informed us.


Samsung eliminated, Daikin currently being set up

New Daikin Split Air Con Unit

New Daikin Split Air Con Device

In the stop we were being forced to eliminate our Samsung inverter with a Daikin traditional device. This is a steep fiscal reduction, but it was a opportunity to check a principle of mine.  After believed and exploration, I hypothesized that a top high quality “undersized” regular unit is the ideal choice for us.  The Daikin 1 HP FTJ10JXVL9  we installed is rated at 9,500 kJ/h, about 2,000 kJ/h a lot less that the Samsung we removed.  Our bed room is about 25 square meters. It certainly will not fulfill the common promoted my the companies who want you to put in an pricey 1.5 or 2. HP inverter device for this measurement place based mostly on 35C outside temperature. The Daikin was mounted on a scorching working day and certainly ran constantly and cooled the room to an satisfactory temperature. Working continually is very successful (the compressor is never biking on and off) and does a superior occupation of dehumidification.  Our precise use is air con when we rest.  When we go to mattress, each the inside of and outside air temperatures are very well decrease than those proposed by the air con brands. Thus the 1 HP Daikin will be far more than ample.  The Daikin has a rated cooling performance of 10.70 kJ/h.W, virtually as very good as the inverter unit it is replacing.

So this is how we are preserving revenue.  Our Daikin value about P25,000 installed.  A 1.5 or 2HP inverter from a person of the main makes would have cost at the very least P15,000 extra, put in.  The Daikin will operate for a long time or perhaps decades without important repairs because of its mechanical and electrical simplicity.  Our Samsung necessary approximately P6,000 in repairs per 12 months.

We are pretty unhappy with Samsung, for promoting us a unit unsuited to our gecko-infested rural location and then becoming unwilling to make repairs besides at our total expense.

We acquired two Samsung split air conditioners in 2011.  The Samsung Inverter has been absolutely nothing but difficulties, but to be honest the 1HP non-inverter Samsung break up we purchased at the exact same time has been great.  It is built in China.  The out of doors device is of strong plastic, not prone to rusting as the steel casings are.  The condenser fins have resisted corrosion much better than the inverter unit even while the standard device is more exposed to salt air than is the inverter.  It’s a effectively-created difficulty totally free unit.

Daikin is a Japanese enterprise with an excellent status, but its air conditioners are produced in different nations. Our Daikin was produced in Malaysia.  We also really feel Panasonic makes top quality air conditioners but in the one particular horsepower typical class the Daikin provided 500 kJ/h extra cooling and extra cooling for every Watt.