Kubo - a Culinary Dream became true

Kubo – a Culinary Lifestyle grew to become true

Two months back we introduced the Eiffel-Kubo in Malaybalay.

Before we sit down, I’d like to clearly show you how to arrive at the Eiffel-Kubo. The restaurant can be observed just about in the centre of Mindanao island in the south of the Philippines. The city of  Malaybalay is the cash of Bukidnon. This province is in just the safe portion of Mindanao! From Cagayan de Oro it is a 2 to 3 hours street trip up to Malaybalay. At the moment you may come upon major street will work.

Eiffel-Kubo in Malaybalay

From Davao Metropolis on the really scenic highway you have to have about 5 several hours to Malaybalay. Bukidnon is the farmland of the southern Philippines. Malaybalay’s elevation is about ‎622 m (2,041 ft). But the bordering mountains climb up to just about 3,000 m (9,800 ft). Mount Kitanglad (2,938 meters), an extinct volcano, occupies the middle and dominates the Bukidnon plateau. Mount Kalatungan (2,824 meters) and Mount Tankulan (1,678 meters) are the maximum peaks in the southern portion. Just about all veggies you eat in the southern Philippines come from Bukidnon.

The Eiffel-Kubo is situated in the centre of Malaybalay City. See our map in yesterday’s write-up.

Let’s have a fine supper at Eiffel-Kubo

The secret of Eiffel-Kubo is the shut come upon of two cultures. The Filipino lifestyle represented by Angeli R. Echiverri. The French lifestyle experienced been introduced by Guillaume (William) Kopp. Examine more about the two in the presentation of the founders.

When one speaks about Filipino cuisine, most persons look at you as if you spoke about a round sq.. Most Filipinos consume fast and silent because they are genuinely hungry and do not think a minute of celebrating a great and attractive plate. The French delicacies on the other hand likes refining tastes and rejoice a 5 to 7 programs evening meal all through 3 several hours.

Filipino food

This photo of a standard rural Filipino food celebration (thanks to Eva for the photo) exhibits the most vital incredients RICE, fish, pork, rooster and eggs. The greens are a pretty uncommon exception. Several of today’s Filipino dishes had been introduced by the Spanish colonisators this sort of as Adobo, Lechon or Aroz caldo.

The French cuisine is much much more diversified. Each and every region in France has it’s personal specialities. French meals also depends on the seasons. Wikipedia has a excellent record of regional and seasonal French specialities.

And right here arrives now the fusion of the two culinary cultures. The kitchen area brigade of the EIffel-Kubo, all Filipinos, refine community specialities and insert the famous French contact.

Eiffel Kubo Team

Here is what these artists organized for me:

I commenced with a Creamy à la carte. Pureed squash with coconut product, topped with malunggay leaves. A glass of Chardonnay accompaned this tasty starter.

Eiffel-Kubo Dinner

Over to start with class was adopted by a Rendang Ala Pinoy – Beef brisket bit by bit simmered to tenderness in coconut milk, braised with the spices of “palapa”, the principal components of maranao delicacies. To give it a little bit of French touch, I chose Ratatouille as aspect-dish. The two harmonized like enthusiasts. A glass of  Merlot helped to get grasp of this explosion of savors.

Eiffel-Kubo Dinner

Eiffel-Kubo Dinner

To end this tasty food I chose a Romance Chocolate Mousse a relationship of strong tablea cocoa with subtle brandy taste crowned with candied orange peels.

Eiffel-Kubo Dinner

The face of neighborhood tradition with French refinement built of every of these plates a exceptional expertise. Me and my belly, we have been so pleased following this wonderful meal. We experienced the plaisure to satisfy the users of the kitchen crew. They been given a standing ovation from the three of us. Honest congratulations!

A whole lot of society

The Eiffel-Kubo is a great deal additional than a cafe – it is also a position of cultural encounters. Guillaume, the chairman and co-founder, showed us right before and after meal the latest exhibition of neighborhood artwork-do the job. In the place underneath the restaurant, switching exhibitions, live shows and other occasions uncover their house. Lately the 3rd “Delight of the Tribe” exhibiton opened.  We strongly advise not to skip a pay a visit to in advance of celebrating your evening meal.

Pride of the Tribe

We’ll go back again to Eiffel-Kube which is sure! 

All photos and pics are courtesy of eiffelkubo.com

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