Rouser 200NS with top box

Leading Box Rack Kawasaki Rouser 200NS

Fairly but not Useful – Story of My Life….
I’ve experienced the Rouser 200NS for about a few months now.  To day, I am loving the bike (outstanding engine ability, bright HID headlight, sexxay ass appears to be like and tremendous-sticky brakes) but its been a little bit tricky to absolutely appreciate as with no some kind of storage, it’s not that practical.  A top box (plastic storage box that mounts to the back again of the bicycle) is the most straightforward option, but soon after seeing a photograph of a Rouser 200 NS with a topbox on the net, I was mortified – the box genuinely detracts from the intense sexxayness of the beastly very little Kawasaki.  Last but not least, immediately after months of wishing I didn’t have to lug all over a backpack almost everywhere I went on the bicycle,  I set my moi in my again pocket and went down to the neighborhood motorbike dealership to get it fitted for a box. 


Out of Stock
As with a lot of matters in the Philippines when it will come to client services, the face went some thing like this.

ME:  Hello form sir.  I am searching for a rack so that I can mount a leading box on my Rouser.

Store Male:  (Seems to be at Rouser)  No concerns, sir.  We never have inventory, but I will purchase a person proper absent.  Just give me your cellular phone quantity.

ME:  (Writes down cellphone amount)  Alright, good.  Are you sure it’s particularly for a 200 NS – the Rouser 180 racks really do not in shape it.

Store Man:  (With dismissive disdain) Certain, certain.  No difficulty. I will textual content you when it arrives.

A week and a half passes and no text.  I swing by the retail store and the lady suggests it arrived two times soon after it was requested but the shop dude will have to have missing my range.  Sigh….

ME:  Yippee!  It arrived!  (Accepts rack…)  Umm…. This is for a Rouser 180 – it will not in good shape.

Retail outlet Girl:  No issue, sir. We will just weld it on, sir!

ME:  Nicely, I really do not definitely want to have any welding modifications on my bicycle – that is why I requested if it was specifically for a 200 NS.  Why don’t…… oh, nevermind…

Pinoy Delight

Biting my tongue and politely passing again the Rack-That-Won’t-Healthy-my, I headed back again to Pink Household.  Lousy Sara was there, so – devoid of considering – I straight away launch into a “Why do your folks do matters this way?” mini-rant.  Which backfired, of system.  Sometimes I forget about that Sara is also a Philippines citizen and totally infused with the identical “onion skin sensitivity” possessed by the relaxation of her countrymen that elicit indignant and immediate retorts to any perceived slurs in opposition to “Pinoy pride.”   So, as my vent proceeds, I see her facial area darken and eyes start to scrunch up in that specified way that lets me know that she is far from pleased.

Michell Hungry
Indignant Fiancee

Not good.

Spinning on a diminutive heel, she strikes again. “Well, I am sorry that our place is these a continual disappointment to you enlightened foreigners!”

[Ah, the downside of having a Filipina fiancée who appreciates the fine art of sarcasm…]

Retreating to my tiny business office, I fired up the Personal computer and cast my digital web in research of a remedy.  (To the box rack dilemma – not my indignant fiancée – just gotta give that time.)  Luckily for us ample, I positioned a Filipino in Bacolod who fabricated customized function for motorcycles – racks for 200NS incorporated.  I observed some pictures of his get the job done, was suitably amazed and despatched him 1,500 pesos by means of Palawan Convey the future morning.  He replied a several hrs later, saying that he acquired the cash and that the rack would be on the 7 PM Ceres bus coming from Bacolod to Dumaguete.  (Just one neat issue about residing in the Philippines is that you can use buses to ship issues involving distinctive towns.)


“For a Whilst, Sir!”
7 PM rolls around, and I am at the freshly renovated Dumaguete Ceres bus station.  Digging the new, present day seem (as opposed to the old 18th century motif it formerly sported), I pulled out my trusty Samsung S5 and choose to do a small video.  Video completed, I then wandered around to the station engineer and question if he understood when the 7 PM bus from Bacolod will arrive.  Pointing with pursed lips to a row of chairs, he replied, “For a even though, sir.”

Oh.  It is gonna be late…

I just take some a lot more movie, guzzle down a orange consume, chat with some school young ones and finally – at 8:15 PM – the 7 PM Bacolod bus comes.  Yippee!  The kindly bus conductor passes around the box, I toss it into my backpack and I’m off – roaring into the Philippine night time atop my nonetheless-sexxay wasp-yellow Rouser 200 NS.

It would have manufactured for a fantastic Kawasaki commercial. 

Stock get rails


Getting the Box
I mount up the rack the upcoming day – an easy plenty of undertaking involving allen bolts and a little bit of elbow grease.  (Being a moron with tools, I am surprised I did not strip or crack anything.) After put in, the rack appears great and very sound – now all I require is a box.

I return to the regional bike parts dealer and operate into Retail outlet Male once more.  He appears at the fabricated rack, mutters a bit and then shows me a couple sizes of SHAD packing containers that they have in stock.  Attempting them out, I settle on the SH33 (33 cubic centimeters of storage, I believe), pay out him the 3,400 pesos and then sit back as they mount it for me.

With new fabricated rack

Eventually, it’s finished.

Rouser 200NS with top box
Hey, stunning!

Superior Pace, Very low Drag
If you have been subsequent our channel for a while, you will have possibly discerned by now that I am more of a “function over form” man – I don’t genuinely care how anything appears to be and am more anxious as to how it performs.  Even nevertheless I kid around with the “sexxayness” of the Rouser, “All go, no show” is my regular motto – I could not be pretty, but I get it finished.  And even although the cargo box undoubtedly detracts from the inherent fantastic appears of the Rouser 200 NS, the functional (and lockable) storage that it provides is fairly considerably priceless.

Pleased Ned
So, this misadventure concludes.  Inventory problems, miscommunication and delays are a component of life right here, and it’s just one thing that we as international attendees residing in the nation have to offer with.  Most of the time, it can be a little bit frustrating, but other occasions it can really be very amusing.  I will leave you with an example from the latter that I shared now on our Facebook web site:

Misadventure in the Philippines:  Incident #432

This past New Year’s Eve we met up with some friends at Coco Amigos.

The waitress – dressed in her snazzy Mexican gown ensemble – passed out menus to all of us at the desk.  Starving, we hungrily flipped through while she stood ready for our get.  A number of “ummmm’s” and “uhhhh’s” and we were being last but not least ready to order.

“I’ll have the tortillas, you should.” I say.

The waitress favors me with a blank stare, and replies, “Sorry sir, the kitchen is shut.”

Devoid of any additional ado – and disregarding a table-total of shocked seems to be – she gathered up the menus and returned to her station.

Months afterwards, and we’re still recounting that tale. 

Yep – it is more exciting in the Philippines!

Oh, and did we occur to mention that the Philippines won Overlook Universe 2016???

And, no!  This isn’t just a low-priced chance to place up one more gratuitous photgraph of Miss Philippines/Universe 2016!!

pia bikini
Absolutely everyone is a winner!



Finally, if you are out grocery searching, happen to set the eggs in your shiny new Shad top rated box and then blast back again home hitting each bump along the way, do not be suprised if this is what you end up with.  

rouser top box eggs mishap