Lighting during power outages — our solution. REVISED

Lighting throughout electrical power outages — our answer. REVISED

Crisis lighting.  Power outages are all way too commonplace in the Philippines.  They can be a little frightening at night when your very own house goes darkish alongside with the complete community.  Like just about each and every resident of the Philippines, we have purchased battery driven lamps and backup lights.  These generally really do not throw off considerably light and really don’t previous extensive.  We have a generator, but heading out to the storage developing (in the middle of the night time, in the dim) and starting off up is not so desirable, specially when the outage may possibly conclusion up getting a brief a person.  That would signify likely back out to shutdown the generator and set it absent.

Since we replaced all of our out of doors lights with LED bulbs, we got to pondering about making use of our present lights somewhat than the assortment of backup lanterns we have acquired about the many years.  Like most owners our household has many circuits for lighting and shops.  One of our circuits powers our outdoor lights.  We assumed, “could we provide backup ability to those lights as a result of an computerized battery backup procedure.  Rising desire in solar electrical power has resulted in a plethora of new devices.  One that I uncovered on look to merge an inverter which would change 12V D.C. ability from a lead-acid storage battery to 230 VAC to power our lights.  The device also has a developed in automatic battery charger and a relay which switches to the backup battery when utility electricity goes out.


Inverter, charger, automated change.


Inverter, battery and connections

Inverter, battery and connections

The connections are as follows.  The significant crimson and black connections concerning the battery and the inverter do not truly need to have a remark other than to say that we acquired the cables together with the inverter and are happy we did.  If you appear at the inverter you will see two connections.  The gray cable previously mentioned is to a 230V wall outlet.  The brown connector connects the outdoor lighting circuit to the inverter.  Basically we disconnected this lights circuit from its breaker in the panel box and rerouted it (yet another tale) to the inverter.

All through regular operation,  the inverter passes utility electrical power to the lights circuit.  When there is a utility power outage, the lighting circuit is switched to energy from the inverter/storage battery.  Our outdoor lights had been by now on a timer so that the outdoor lights appear on only at dusk and transform off at dawn.

The internet hours/ tells us that a 100 Amp Hour battery will energy a 60W load for 20 several hours.  Our outdoor lights load is a bit a lot more than that, but if this information and facts is proper we must have good unexpected emergency lighting throughout any evening.

Expense:  Inverter and cables about $135 which includes shipping.  The battery P6,000.00.  Link to acquire the inverter isles-plug/32600500908.html  I have discovered the seller to be responsive to after-the-sale inquiries.

Yet another use for the procedure is to energy a admirer.  Not owning any breeze from a supporter on a sweltering working day is a person of the particular tortures of the power outage.  The device could very easily electrical power a lover.  If more potential is required or preferred, further batteries can be additional, joined in parallel.

None of this may well be news to you but we submit it in the hope that it will be handy to many others.  We gave the system a take a look at by turning on the outside lights and disconnecting the utility energy to the inverter.  It worked correctly.  We ended our exam arbitrarily at four several hours, but unquestionably the lights would have stayed on more time.

UPDATE:  August 12, 2017.  Our backup process explained earlier mentioned, worked fantastic for a handful of months.  Then the Samlex inverter gave us warning messages about an enter failure.  This involved a warning mild and a buzzer. We believed the battery had presently absent poor and, with reluctance, we acquired a new one.  That did not fix the trouble.  We examined the Samlex directions and pointed out that it explained that it would not function with a technique in which the neutral is bonded to floor in the panel box, as ours is.  That does not explain why it labored fine for months.

We really really do not have an explanation for the difficulties with the Samlex.  However I had a new brainstorm.  I use so-identified as uninterruptable power provides (UPS)  for my main laptop.  This is pretty much a requirement in a spot which has routine ability outages.  My 1st UPS was made by APC, the leader in UPS.  Eventually the built in guide-acid battery wore out and I was unable to locate a alternative battery locally.  I eventually bought a new, larger APC UPS.

I imagined, is not a UPS truly the very same as my Samlex a combination inverter-charger-swap?   What did I have to lose?  I disassembled the previous UPS and extended the qualified prospects meant to hook up the battery to the UPS.  With trepidation, I linked the UPS to the new 60 AMP/HOUR Panasonic battery I experienced acquired to use with the Samlex.  This battery is at least 10X the capability of the battery that came with the UPS.  I plugged the UPS into a receptacle and plugged my out of doors lights circuit into the UPS.  Eureka! It has labored fantastically.  If I experienced linked a load in extra of the capability of the UPS, the UPS would have failed in just one way or an additional, but the outdoor lighting circuit is made up of four 12 Watt LED lamps and 4 5 Watt LEDs, so a complete of 58 Watts, not truly a much larger load that a usual desktop computer system and watch.  So, really do not toss absent that aged UPS!