Mantigue with friends

Mantigue with pals

Mantigue is the minor sister of Camiguin Island. Camiguin is known to be the friendliest island in the Philippines. This is why you always go to Mantigue with buddies. And when you come back again from Mantigue, you absolutely have far more good friends and a deep emotion of peace in your belly.

Let’s go to Mantigue!

Approaching Mantigue Island
With our pals from the Camiguin Action Geckos we drove in a jeepney to San Roque where by now 3 bangkas waited for us and for our products. It is a quick and amazing ride from San Roque to Mantigue Island.
Mantigue: White sands and Camiguin
Mantigue is created of 100% pure white coral sand. The white seashores operate all over the entire island. In the center of Mantigue is a lush renatured forest with interesting shadows.
Mantigue with Romeo
Underneath h2o with Romeo, just one of the dive-masters of the Camiguin Action Geckos. Alongside one another we explored the southern edge of the island. Mantigue is a paradise for snorkelers and divers.
Mantigue Sea Turtle
Romeo led me to a put in which sea turtles normally relaxation in about 6 to 8 meters less than the surface. Down there the mild is by now pretty bluish and so corrected the picture’s hues with Photoshop. It is been this sort of a satisfaction – salamat po Romeo.

Lunch with friends on Mantigue Island
Lunch-time in the sand under the bushes and trees. Mantigue is magic. It is even now the “Life Island”.
Mantigue from above with Dino and Sean
But Mantigue ended up not perfect if it weren’t also a elegance from the sky. Dino and Sean made a wonderful motion picture of Camiguin and the two tiny sister islands, Mantigue and White Island. The film is offered in Hd on YouTube. You may wonder why they have on parachutes on the photo previously mentioned. They did not fly only in a straight line, they also did some aerobatics – e.g. Sean’s great Cuban Eight.
Mantigue from above
Mantigue – the natural beauty! The central forest and the round white sand beach front are effectively seen. In the decrease part of the island, truly the japanese shore, is the village of the area fisher-folks. The dim inexperienced zones all over the island are sea-weed prairies with a depth of 3 meters highest. The turquoise band shows the coral reef all around Mantigue. This is the preferred playground of snorkelers and divers.

Mantigue Island is only obtainable from Camiguin, even though occasionally fishermen are coming about from close by Mindanao.

I’d like to say thank you to Michèle and Wing, to Romeo and Laarni, to Butch and Sean. I’d like to say thank you to my actual mates here in Camiguin.

Next move: PADI Openwater in June. Of training course with the Camiguin Action Geckos.

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